Why does shoe bite happen?

Why does shoe bite happen?

What is shoe bite?

Why does shoe bite happen

Shoe bite is a kind of injury caused due to the friction of the shoe against the skin. It can also be caused by heels and other footwear that’s why they are also known as heel blisters and foot blisters. Most of the time shoe bite are experienced on the heel but it could also happen on the toes.

What causes shoe bites?

Shoe bite is caused due to friction created between the delicate skin and the shoe. Apart from this, this could also happen from wearing new shoes with poor fit. Another reason could be sweat and tight shoes. Sweat made the skin delicate and loose and tight shoes rubbed against that skin and cause the bite. New shoes and footwears usually take time to become comfortable and cause shoe bites for a while.

How can shoe bites be prevented?

Wearing socks can help to reduce friction and so as the risk of shoe bites. Further, toe caps can also be used for cushioning. While purchasing the shoes, find the right size and the comfortable one. Rub some oil along the sides of the shoes where you feel friction. You can use adhesive tapes and bandages to avoid friction as well. If shoe bites keep happening, stop wearing those shoes for a time and you can stretch the shoes if it’s tight.

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How to deal with shoe bites? 

There is no rocket science when dealing with shoe bites. They can be treated by applying some home remedies. You can try the following remedies to treat shoe bites at home 

  • Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help the wound to heal faster. It is available at home and if not can be purchased from any medical store.
  • Aloe Vera is another element that poses anti-inflammatory properties. Apply the aloe vera extract directly to the wound.
  • Petroleum jelly or Vaseline can also be used to heal the shoe bite.
  • Honey is also one of the oldest remedies for wounds and can be implemented on shoe bites as well. Its antiviral and anti-inflammatory will alleviate the inflammation.
  • Toothpaste contains menthol which reduces pain because of its analgesic property.

How long does it take to be comfortable in new shoes?

The reason you are experiencing shoe bites from your new shoes may be because of tightness and material stiffness for which you can apply oil and can stretch your shoes so that you become comfortable as early as possible. However, it depends on the type of shoe, the material of the shoe, the brand, and how long you have to wear it but usually, it takes 3-5 weeks to wear shoes without shoe bites. 


Shoe bites are a common phenomenon that can happen while wearing new shoes or uncomfortable ones. However, these shoe bites can be prevented by using toe pads, socks, and other remedies discussed earlier. Further, if one has already experienced the shoe bite before there are some home remedies which can be implemented, and the ingredients are easy to find at home.

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