Why do sportsmen use shoes with spikes?

Sportsmen who perform activities like running spend most of their time wearing shoes. Regular running shoes can make them slip on the track and they may get injured. This is because regular running shoes do not provide the required traction and friction. This is where shoes with spikes come into action. Let’s know a little bit about spikes and why sportsmen use shoes with spikes.

Why do sportsmen use shoes with spikes

What are spikes?

Spike is an object which provides better friction and grip to the surface. They also provide protection on slippery surfaces. The spike is an object which is pointed and attached to the sole of the shoes. Furthermore, these spikes also provide better traction and stability. The spikes are replaceable objects and can be replaced when needed. Therefore this is why sportsmen use shoes with spikes.

Why is there a need for shoes with spikes?

Shoes with spikes are used by the sportsperson. Athletics used them mostly because they provide them protection from falling or slipping on slippery surfaces. In addition, it also helps in enhancing the speed of runners. Also, regular running or athletic shoes do not provide the traction and friction that shoes with spikes do. This is why there is a need for shoes with spikes and thus it does not fail to prove the above question why do sportsmen use shoes with spikes?

What is the difference between running shoes and shoes with spikes?

Running shoes are suitable for running, jogging, and physical training and for normal walking and casual wear. On the other hand, shoes with spikes are suitable for professional athletics and racing. Shoes with spikes are lighter in weight than regular running shoes. Spikes can be an ideal choice for running on a track and slippery surface but regular shoes can be an ideal choice for a longer number of hours running. Hence, this gives a detailed view of the difference between running shoes and shoes with spikes.

What are the types of spikes available in the market?

There are several types of spikes available in the market, they are : 

  • Long-distance spikes
  • Sprint spikes
  • Middle Distance Spikes
  • Long jump spikes
  • High jump spikes
  • Distance Spikes
  • Field Event Spikes/Shoe

What should be considered while purchasing spikes?

When you are choosing your running shoes, what things do you look at first? Comfort, material, durability and cost, Right? The same goes for the shoes with spikes too. After all, both are designed to provide ease while running.

Can spikes make you run faster?

Can spikes make you run faster

The spikes play a vital role in increasing the speed of runners as they are pointed objects they create friction. Furthermore, they help the runner to take longer jumps which eventually increase the speed and make the performance of the runner better. Yes, it proves the above question that spikes can make you run faster and why sportsmen use shoes with spikes.

How to put spikes on shoes?

It is very easy to put spikes on shoes. Just insert the spikes into the sole of the shoes and fix it by either hand or using any tool until satisfied and you are done. Thus, this is the simple process of ‘how to put spikes on shoes?’

Advantages and disadvantages of the shoes with spikes.


  • Shoes with spikes are always advantageous when it comes to the system of traction in shoes. A spiked shoe often enhances traction by penetrating it deep into the surface so that it can offer impeccable performance and also it acts as an anti-slippery shoe on the wet surface.
  • Shoes with spikes are always recommended to sportsmen so that they can gain a better performance because it offers good grip and stability that acts to accelerate the speed of these athletes.
  • Spiked shoes are designed for the purpose to meet some requirements of the trained athletes, such as to control their performance by optimizing the traction of the shoes during sports events like jumps and sprints.
  • A spiked shoe often offers customizable features according to the specific needs of the sportsmen. Thus this feature of the spiked shoes accelerates the demand in the market.


  • Spiked shoes are only made for the athletes and it might not work for other activities. Also spiked shoes lack surface limitations which make them a bad choice when compared with other categorical shoes.
  • Spiked shoes have a hard sole that lacks flexibility which can affect the player’s feet, they may feel discomfort.  Also, this type of shoe is not at all recommended to others because it lacks a cushioned sole in the shoe.
  • Spiked shoes are too costly to maintain and sometimes for heavy usage they can get crevasse over time.
  • Also, spiked shoes are not recommended for some sports in order to keep in mind the player’s safety while protecting the surface of the playing ground.

Why do sportsmen use shoes with spikes? (Conclusion)

Now by reading this article ‘Why do sportsmen use shoes with spikes?’ you may have cleared your doubts about shoes with spikes. What is a spike, why shoes have them, what’s the necessity, types of spikes and more.  So if you are wondering whether you should purchase Spike or not, then the answer lies in your running curriculum. If you are going to race on track for a definite length then the spikes can be helpful but if you are a person who likes to run each day or for long hours you should consider running shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can sneakers be used for sports?

Yes, sneakers can be used for sports. Some varieties of sneakers allow the features of cushioning and enhanced traction that can blend well and result in high performance of the sports by prioritizing the comfort and flexibility of the feet while moving.

2. Are Sneakers sports shoes?

Yes, sneakers are sports shoes but they are only suitable for some specific sports activities like basketball, gym training and more. Also, sneakers are solely designed with enhanced and breathable materials that provide the ultimate support and comfort while performing these sports.

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