Why are Skechers shoes expensive?

Skechers is a multinational footwear company whose headquarters are in Manhattan. They are popular for their fashionable designs and their quality. But, have you ever wondered why the Skechers shoes are so expensive? Their prices vary from Rs.2000 to Rs.17000 for the men and women section while the children section price varies from Rs.3000 to Rs.6000 approximately. Skechers is more affordable than other luxury brands while providing even better quality and comfort. There are several reasons why are Skechers shoes expensive. Let’s discuss those reasons in detail.

Why are Skechers shoes expensive?

Why are Skechers shoes expensive? 

High-quality materials used in their products: 

Skechers is a brand that uses high-quality materials in their products such as memory foam as their primary component to provide standardized comfort and support. Further, Skechers also made use of other premium materials to make its shoe more durable. They also introduce extra padding in the heel, toes, arch, and collarbone area to avoid foot problems. Due to the high price of materials, the cost of selling is also high.

Fashionable shoes with a design team:

Skechers shoes are also called the new fashionable shoes with a design team however; it is different from conventional shoes. They have a variety of shoe designs in their company. To design their shoes they have designers who are expensive too but help to keep the price of the product low among the competitors.

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Provide Comfort to the wearer’s feet and address the foot problem:

Skechers’ main aim was to provide comfort to the feet of the wearer and they designed accordingly. They specially designed their shoes to address foot problems. The extra padding in the heel, toes, arch, and collarbone area helps to avoid foot problems. This is the reason they are providing the best shoes for runners and athletes. This is also their unique selling proposition for shoes in their industry.

Quality is their main asset and their priority:

sketcher shoe

Skechers are very aware of their priority which is the quality of their product. Even though Skechers provides the best quality and comfort, its price is lower than its competitors. However, it’s still costly but the quality and comfort of the shoes justify the cost. Thus, Skecher’s main motto is prime quality and priority to its users.

The durability of the Skechers shoes:

The durability of the Skechers shoes is made from premium materials including memory foam techniques which make its shoe super durable. With proper care, they can be used for a longer time. They can retain their comfort and quality for a longer period. These shoes can last for months and even for years if carefully handled.

Benefits and disadvantages of Skechers shoes


  • Skechers are the most comfortable and flexible fashion shoes because they are built with super innovative materials like cushioning and bendable soles. 
  • Skechers are also called athletic and sportswear because they are manufactured to meet these specific requirements. 
  • Sketchers are absolutely light in weight and texture and allow the freedom of flexible movement while performing any activities. 
  • Sketchers are extremely affordable shoes and a good choice of footwear. 
  • A sketcher also provides water-absorbent and resistant facilities to prevent the risk of falls.


  • Not all the models of the Skechers are durable long enough and thus fail in the longevity test.
  • All Skechers doesn’t provide the facility of arch support when the user has certain foot medical conditions.
  • Though Skechers are athletic shoes, they only allow some special and specific performances like intense pieces of training and workouts. These shoes are not always recommended for sports activities like sprints.
  • Sketchers may be the favourite and trendy shoe of all time but some users have reviewed that they felt these shoes to be unappealing and it lacks aesthetic designs.
  • It is also reported by some users that Skechers don’t have flexible measurements which adds as a disadvantage to this shoe.

Conclusion (Why are Skechers shoes expensive?)

In conclusion to ‘Why are Skechers shoes expensive?’ Skechers shoes may be the most expensive category of shoes but they are worth spending that much money on if provided with utmost quality, comfort, and durability. Not only are the Skechers shoes breathable but also they are light in weight and can be worn for longer hours. Professionals like factory workers, athletes, runners, and nurses who have to be on their feet all day long would love these shoes because of their comfort and memory form technique which will reduce their pain or help to reduce foot problems. The price is also affordable so you can consider Skechers shoes for your comfort as they have a variety of shoes starting from Rs.2000 approximately.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I find discounts or sales on Skechers shoes?

Yes. You may find discounts or sales on Sketchers shoes. The reason is that the brand offers seasonal promotions and offers potential discounts on their prices annually. To avail of these sales and discounts you need to check their websites and physical Skechers stores for such offers. Sometimes they also give special discount codes to avail of these shoes at the best price.

Does the high prices of the Skechers shoes, indicates better quality?

Not often. Though the high prices of the Skechers shoes may indicate better quality the scenario does not always remain the same because the price of some of the particular models gets highly controlled by multiple factors such as raw materials, production and manufacturing costs, uses of technologies and also by inspecting the quality of that particular model.

Do Skechers shoes provide good value for the high prices?

Firstly Skechers are quite affordable and yes they provide a good value for the high prices. Solely it is dependent on some crucial factors like assessing the level of comfort and flexibility, and the longevity of the shoe. To know more, read this above article to have a better perspective.

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