Why are Balenciaga Shoes so Expensive?

A Global Brand Name: Balenciaga

The name itself Balenciaga is creating pompous because this is the most celebrated and iconic luxury extravagance Spanish brand which is refining the global fashion industry and is known for unique innovative layouts and premium collection of materials. Starting with the range of accessories, they are also creating iconic designer shoes and thus established their global presence in the footwear fashionable industry by becoming a major player in this scenario.

Why are Balenciaga Shoes so Expensive

Balenciaga’s name is much equivalent to the top-notch collections of their designer shoes often aligns with a heavy cost tag that often sets the bar high and raises many queries. Accordingly, we will be reviewing why Balenciaga shoes are so expensive.

Balenciaga is so expensive, Why?

Yes, Balenciaga is a premium global Spanish brand that is considered so expensive because of its top-notch creativity and philosophical business ethics. Balenciaga set the bar too high for its brand by pushing traditional boundaries and challenging ordinary fashionable norms and rules and thus emphasizing more on creativity. Balenciaga’s shoes have some precious elements that feature designs called avant-garde which constitutes a sleek silhouette and premium experimental items, thus keeping their designer footwear unique from other traditional shoes.

Thus, it can be strongly understood that Balenciaga has an original and vast team who are instigating their design procedures, and applying extensive research to their brand collection and thus this expertise of the whole production and team is driving up the cost that is considered quite expensive, especially to the ones who are in favour of the traditional budget-friendly shoes.

Resources used for Balenciaga’s Footwear

Balenciaga always selects crude premium materials available that are costly enough which also highly instigates the expenses of the shoe production. Balenciaga’s resources include some royal materials that are often imported from various parts of the world and such including luxurious vegan leathers, exotic animal products and skins, and superior fabrics and these things ensure that facilities like comfort and definitive aesthetics. There are other materials used too from well know suppliers which label the brand to be super ethical and authentic thus marking it to be the most certified global brand that serves the environmental exemplars.

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The artisans and well-known shoe designers of Balenciaga have a proven record of meticulous attention and craftsmanship and thus it involves the rigorous procedures of shoemaking like cutting, detailing hem, stitching, executing other silhouettes and at last finishing with accurate expertise of precision. Thus, this extensive construction procedure is a never-ending process it also includes the adjustments of other embellishments to make the shoes exclusive and worth the high price.

Balenciaga’s Significant Designer Footwear Collections

  • The triple “S” – The triple “S” by Balenciaga is a type of designer sneaker comprised of top materials such as leather and suede and is considered a chunky sneaker because it often elaborates to give a bold and premium outlook.
  • The Speed Trainer- The speed trainer by Balenciaga is also a modern sneaker with a different appearance that features a stretch knit sock and thus ultimately this shoe is worth the hype and comfortable in the long run.
  • Balenciaga Track-  The Balenciaga Track, another kind of sneaker that has thick rubber overlays has good functionality and allows creating a more athletic outlook.
  • Balenciaga Arena – This Balenciaga Arena is one of the top underrated sneakers of this brand and has some traditional elements, allowing a minimalistic setting blended with premium leather skins thus it is a recommended sneaker from this brand as their distinctive feature of metallic eyelets has proved to be a functional boon.

How did Balenciaga successfully generate expensive revenues?

Balenciaga has an undoubted reputation globally along with a presence of rich heritage that celebrates fashion endorsements and often influences consumers by creating hype for their designer shoes and attracting them to pay a hefty price for their shoes to create a sense of belonging that the consumers own a valuable pair of Balenciaga footwear that also contributes to the sense of giving a new status in the society.

Also, the costs of other advertisements make Balenciaga footwear expensive because it includes the promotion of footwear on various print media and advertisements thus, highly generating a source of expensive revenues for the brand, making their products an expensive purchase.

An Overall Review for: why are Balenciaga shoes so expensive?

  • The general cost of a Balenciaga shoe pair starts from around $700 which depends upon iconic events like the red carpet and also sometimes depends upon the celebrity purchase. This high cost of Balenciaga footwear is attributed to the above factors that include the use of top-notch materials, the reputation of the brand, marketing and other forms of advertisements and also depends upon generating high fruitful revenues.
  • Though Balenciaga’s production is quite limited when compared with other brands because creating exclusive and designer shoes is a time-consuming process and also the brand is quite demanding among the elites and the celebrities which allows Balenciaga to create a more successful route to create high prices. Since Balenciaga is delivering rare fashionable shoes, people are often seeking and waiting for such appealing footwear. Accordingly the article ‘Why are Balenciaga shoes so expensive?’ portrays that the cost of Balenciaga footwear is steep however it never fails to showcase the collection of their artistic and creative minds who are operating exclusive ranges of footwear and thus the valuable customers of Balenciaga likes to own such a rare piece of designer footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are Balenciaga shoes worth the price?

Well, Balenciaga Shoes completely depends upon an individual’s preferences, personal affordability and financial factors, when it aligns with your needs and demands to maintain social status. The cost of Balenciaga footwear is steep however it never fails to showcase the collection of their artistic and creative minds that are operating exclusive ranges of footwear and thus the valuable customers of Balenciaga like to own such a rare piece of designer footwear.

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