Who provide Indian Army shoes

The Indian Army has to deal with harsh environments for which they require uniforms and shoes which have the ability to stand against those harsh environments. There are several manufacturers who provide Indian Army shoes and uniforms. In this article, we are going to address Indian army shoes in particular.

Who provide Indian Army shoes

Indian Army shoes are well known for its toughness, strength, endurance and better grip properties. To withstand these properties they are manufactured from top most industries.

Ordnance Equipment Factory (OEF)

Ordnance Equipment Factory (OEF) is a government owned factory in India. It is situated at Kanpur. This factory supplies a number of equipment to soldiers including Army Shoes. The factory knows the needs of Indian soldiers very well and provides the best solution. It also runs quality control checks periodically so that they can ensure that boots meet the essential features.

Liberty Shoe

Liberty Shoe is an India based company located at Haryana. Liberty Shoe is one of the largest companies in shoe industries which also supply Indian Army shoes. Keeping the needs of soldiers in mind and their environment they produce and provide a variety of shoes. These shoes have been sent to the Indian Army for decades. These shoes are also successful in maintaining their reputation because of their endurance and quality.


Unistar is also a brand who provides shoes in various categories with high qualities. Their pool of shoes also includes army shoes. They meet the requirements of Army shoes while taking care of your pocket as they are highly affordable. Unistar army shoes are long-lasting, versatile, comfortable and affordable.


Paratroopers are highly popular for army shoes and jungle boots. They provide lightweight and durable designs. In addition, with their high ankle support they provide protection from injuries. These shoes are also designed to tackle water problems which soldiers face. They designed the shoe in a way that keeps the soldier’s feet dry.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky also produces shoes for military purposes. The Indian Army also considers Blue SKy shoes for their benefit and ease. They made super comfortable and durable shoes. These shoes made use of leather to withstand harsh conditions. Along with this, these shoes have a breathability feature through which the wearer’s feet will feel fresh even in a hot and humid environment.

The company and brand we have discussed here are popular ones for military purposes. However, there are many more brands, manufactures and industries who produce shoes for the army. Every company and brand tries to fulfill all the demands and needs. Some models may provide you utmost quality in comfort so some may provide utmost grip. Some can even provide a  great combination of features in one. While choosing Army Boots one must go through their checklist of needs and requirements before purchase as there are a variety of boots and shoes available to serve different purposes.

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