Who Is Supplying Shoes to the Indian Army?

The Indian Army is a well-established and renowned army system in the whole world with two million active troops and a huge amount of equipment and supplies which they need to perform their military sting operations. Among these items and supplies, one of the essential items needed for the Indian Army is shoes that act as protective gear to save them from unprecedented times.

Who Is Supplying Shoes to the Indian Army

Though our Indian army always focuses to ensure the safeguarding of the citizens, however, they also need the right kind of footwear to enhance their performance and to protect their feet from other fatal foot infections. So in this article ‘Who is supplying shoes to the Indian army? we will discuss the right shoes and we will try to deliver the information in a relevant form according to the Indian Army’s requirements.

About the foremost Supplier of Shoes to the Indian Army

This whole dealing and management of the shoes takes place under the impression of the Master ‘General Of Ordnance’, a well-known senior management system of the Indian Army Post regulates the procurement of all the necessary equipment needed during any special case or in the times of emergency, including the shoe requirement. This office of high order is the foremost supplier of shoes to the Indian Army and is located in Delhi and is dealing with the regulation of the army’s inventory of shoes.

Why there is a high demand for Indian Army shoes?

Since our Indian force has to operate the rough and diverse terrains, especially from the mountain regions and their operation ends in the regions of Thar desert, Gujarat. In order to survive the climate and to adapt themselves according to the environment, they need good quality shoes to protect themselves from further injuries. Keeping in mind the above reasons, they need shoes that have a good grip system, are water-resistant and lightweight enough in the structure to enable easy movement and to discard any kind of unnecessary foot fatigue. This is why there is a high demand for Indian Army Shoes and also it is why this factor supports the above query’ Who is supplying shoes to the Indian Army?’

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Let’s discuss the suppliers of the shoe to the Indian Army

suppliers of the shoe to the Indian Army

Here, we will discuss the suppliers of the shoe to the Indian Army. Popular brands are always eager to deliver the highest quality shoes to our Indian army who are patriotic their whole life to save our country and homeland. So in order to meet the strongest requirement of shoe quality according to their serious needs, many well-known brands and organizations came up with a solution to deliver shoes to our army system.

Among such organizations lies the name of Liberty, Action and Bata. These companies have taken a serious commitment to supplying shoes to the Indian Army for over 75 decades and they are earned the designation for a reputation for high quality and long-lasting durability.

These Companies have made such a pact with the Indian Army for more than forty years and within their exclusive agreement lies the shoe requirements which they need for a group of activities they perform such as training to combat functions. The Action Shoes brand is also supplying a huge quantity to the Indian army and they are creating the shies with the motto of sturdy materials that can outs any battle.

They are also providing a special type of layer like a membrane under the sole of the shoe to keep the feet dry during wet atmospheric conditions. Also, it is adding an enhanced system of ventilation for air circulation to keep any kind of foot diseases at bay.

Reebok, a popular shoe brand delivering the highest form of sports shoes to the Indian Army

 The organization of ‘Reebok’, a popular shoe brand delivering the highest form of sports shoes to the Indian Army is also a world-known footwear known especially for its unique sports shoes and sneakers and they are managing a high delivery of their products in India for over a decade. This company is contracted to supply shoes for all rough activities that take place on the battlefield.

They are highly dedicated to delivering the qualitative material of shoes to the Indian Army that can overcome any rugged terrain and to support the Indian soldiers and the naval persons with the required comfort and efficiency during the time of emergency.

How the inventory of army shoes is rated and given an outcome?

Since Army shoes are deemed to meet some of the strict requirements, for which they are designed in a lightweight fashion to insulate the shock absorption causes due to the immense walking or running. The shoes are created and measured in a way that they fit different shapes and sizes of the feet of the soldiers without causing any negative impact and hindrances. This is how the inventory of Army shoes is rated and given an outcome.


We come to the end of our article ‘Who is supplying shoes to the Indian Army?’, and here we can judge the shoe’s performance by selecting the right supplier for the Indian armies to wear. An important aspect of the Indian army is the soldier’s footwear along with their uniform and these above brands and organizations are trying their utmost to provide the best footwear available qualitatively so that without any discomfort and weariness our Indian Armies can perform their allotted duties to save our homeland.

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