Which Shoes to Wear with a Blazer?

There are different kinds of shoes available in the market for blazers. There can be a number of combinations for blazers and shoes depending on where you want to wear them together. If it’s an office meeting you will require a different combination and if it’s a party or celebration you will need another combination. You got my point, right? Another factor that comes to mind while discussing a combination is colour.

Which shoes to wear with a blazer

To create a statement outfit you will have to maintain a proper contrast of colour. One can also go for a monochrome look as well. Read the article ‘Which shoes to wear with a blazer?’ further to get a detailed insight into the right shoes to match with a blazer.

Best brand to wear with a blazer

These brands are offering impeccable outlooks to complement your shoes with a blazer, they are:

  • Bata
  • Adidas
  • Johnston and Murphy
  • Hugo Boss
  • Skechers

What type of shoes can one wear with a blazer?

There are many types of shoes you can wear with your blazer from which popular ones are mentioned as follows:

  • Loafers
  • Slip-on sneakers
  • Derby Shoes
  • Oxford
  • Brogue
  • Chelesa boots
  • Monk Strap
  • Chukka boots

Thus, these are the type of shoes that one can wear with a blazer.

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Let’s learn how each shoe will enhance your look with a blazer.


Loafers are shoes that often appear laceless. Loafers themselves are available in many different styles. These are good to go for casual occasions. This will look great with your blazer. If you are considering loafers to purchase, please consider leather and suede as this will give you a fantastic look.

Slip-on sneakers 

Slip-on sneakers are another one in the category of lace-less shoes. These sneakers are good when considered for summer. Without any discomfort, you can wear them with blazers. Try choosing solid colours as they will look elegant with a blazer.

Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are often mistaken that they are good to go with formal attire only. But that’s not true my friend, Derby shoes are versatile and will go with your casual and wedding attire too and if you consider them wearing a blazer, you will stand out.


Oxford is nothing but a buddy in your derby shoes. You can easily recognize an Oxford shoe by its lacing system, low back and small heel. They are available in polish and matte finish which make them suitable for every occasion when worn with a blazer.


Oxford and Derby shoes can be embellished as a brogue. Brogue is basically a pair of shoes that have some decorative styles. It will give you an amazing look on your blazer.

Chelesa boots

People prefer wearing Chelesa boots during winter because of their high ankle features. You can also see Chelesa boots as the alternative for Debry. These boots will give you a new outfit with your blazer than usual.

Monk Strap

Monk Strap can appear formal when worn with suits and still be fashionable enough to pair with jeans and a blazer for a casual and occasional dressier look. 

Chukka boots

Chukka boots can also help to give you a fantastic outfit with a combination of boots and a blazer. It will give you a great casual look. Good to go with the winter season.

Conclusion (Which shoes to wear with a blazer?)

It is never a bad time to experiment with clothing and outfits. If you have a couple of pairs of shoes and a blazer you can always try different combinations at your convenience. However, if you are still stuck on what to wear and getting late, you know where you can come to see amazing combinations. Visit this page of ‘Which shoes to wear with a blazer?’ anytime while you are getting confused about your outfits and choose the best option available for you. We are always happy to help by serving your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I wear sneakers with a blazer?

Yes, you can wear sneakers with a blazer because it often dazzles your outlook by giving a more casual and trendy appearance. Also, it is seen that the sneakers add a fresh amount of relaxed, minimalistic and casual elements that align well with the soft fabrics of your blazer.

2. Are there any shoe colours that work best with a blazer?

Yes, several shoe colours work best with a blazer, such as black which is a common and loved colour by all that gives a classic and timeless glossy look and offers an interesting vibe with most blazers in any kind of event. The other colours that blend well with the look of a blazer are burgundy and brown as it gives a cognac hue to the light-coloured blazers and gives a chic and versatile appearance.

3. Can I wear casual shoes such as boat shoes or canvas sneakers, with a blazer?

Yes, you can wear casual shoes such as boat shoes or canvas sneakers with a blazer. Undoubtedly this combination blends very well when coordinated with a blazer. Also, these shoe styles like boat shoes and canvas sneakers add a chic hue that matches and plays a real vibe with your blazer and creates a unique outfit.

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