Which Brand is better Adidas or Puma?

The brand Adidas and Puma are the two German organizations that have a rich marketing history of several decades. These brands are known for their production of sports shoes, other designer footwear and miscellaneous accessories. In this article, we aim to distinguish which brand is better Adidas or Puma by exploring their unique features, objectives and other goals they are planning to implement in the future.

Which Brand is better Adidas or Puma?

Fascinating histories of Adidas and Puma

About the Adidas Brand History

Let’s discover the Adidas brand history. In 1949, Adi Dassler initiated the production of sports shoes for the first time in history and thus established the name “Adidas”. This brand is recognized to be a global powerhouse in the sports footwear industry that is funding popular sports brands, teams and aspiring athletes all around the globe.

The Puma Brand History

This brand has been organized and settled by the brother of Adi’s brother who is a renowned name known as Rudolf Dassler who established this brand in the former years of 1948. Puma’s main aim is to focus solely on sports footwear and other sports accessories and over the years it developed its catalogue and expanded its products widely all over the world. Thus these fascinating histories led to the formation of the brands Adidas and Puma.

Distinguish between Adidas and Puma

The Adidas and Puma Product Ranges

Adidas and Puma’s product ranges are diversified and have a global brand name, serving the needs of different sports shoes and accessories. However, both of these brands are a competitor to each other and there have been some features to distinguish between them. Adidas has a diversifying range of products like sports shoes and other sports accessories including the items required for the activities like tennis, football, basketball, etc. While the brand of Puma is solely concentrated on the sports of running and football, golf and motorsports and produces items according to the preference of the athletes and their requirements by ensuring a comfortable and flexible movement of the feet.

Differences in the Qualities of Adidas and Puma

Both of these are producing and selling higher quality materials than other shoe brands available. But, Adidas has a superior quality and it enhances the performance of the shoe when roughly used in any sports activities, also they have used certain technology to design their new sports apparel to enhance the athlete’s performance and routine. Therefore, these are the basic differences in the qualities of Adidas and Puma and help to determine which brand is better Adidas or Puma.

A Distinguished pricing structure among the brands Adidas and Puma

To choose which brand is better Adidas or Puma, here is a distinguished pricing structure displayed among these brands. Both of these brands sell premium quality shoes for which prices are comparatively higher than the other brands in the market. Though, Adidas sells at a more expensive ratio than Puma because Adidas created a premium portfolio of its brand and handles high sponsorships with athletes and sports teams globally.

Differentiated Designs between Adidas and Puma

Adidas and Puma produce products based on the fashionista approach, differentiated designs and trends that are ongoing in modern society. Adidas delivers more sleek, modern and futuristic designs to their sports shoes and other apparel, whereas Puma prepares their shoes in a classic and timeless technique. Puma also delivers their designs in a minimalistic way by making their shoes available in various colours and patterns.

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Marketing Technique between Puma and Adidas

These brands have applied unique marketing strategies to accentuate their growth and supply globally. Puma is creating a more youth-oriented objective in their strategy and market growth to sponsor new athletes while Adidas is sponsoring and partnering with renowned athletes and sports teams to highlight their growth. Thus, this is how Puma and Adidas are uplifting their selling patterns. This gives a detailed analysis to choose which brand is better Adidas or Puma.

Let’s explore the fact of Pros and Cons of Adidas and Puma.

Pros of Adidas Sports Shoes

Pros of Adidas Sports Shoes
  • A significant pro of Adidas is that they built and formulate premium-quality sports shoes with the use of new technologies
  • Adidas’s products consist of a new and diversified range of sports shoes and other accessories.
  • Another pro of Adidas is that they have a reputable brand image and sponsor famous athletes and sports teams.
  • Adidas sports shoes come in a more sleek and futuristic style.

Cons of Adidas

  • Highly expensive than other regular brands in the market. This is one of the major cons of Adidas.
  • For some ordinary and casual users, the shoes might be too high-tech for them and don’t always provide flexible movement.
  • Another con of Adidas is that the range of some of their sports shoes comes in a limited edition.

Pros of Puma Sports Shoes

  • In the pros of Puma Sports Shoes, they provide good quality sports shoes, designer footwear and other apparel accessories.
  • They are often discounted on certain occasions and are normally affordable by people for different events.
  • They also offer a focus on timeless and classic designs.
  • They are promoting their brand with a youth-oriented objective.

Cons of Puma

  • They don’t have a high variety of products when compared with Adidas.
  • They have a smaller brand image and focus mainly on young athletes.
  • Their products are not diversified and come in a limited category of sports shoes.
  • When compared with Adidas, they don’t use technology in their production of various sports shoes. Thus these are the cons of Puma sports shoes and among such vast variations, you need to choose which brand is better Adidas or Puma.

Therefore, we come towards the end and can understand that both Adidas and Puma is a strong brand though they have unique features that distinguish them. Overall, consumers can opt for Adidas for their diversified sports shoes or you can simply go for Puma which is also offering chic and timeless designs and patterns on its shoes and is also considered to be highly budget-friendly. The choices are completely yours according to your requirements and activities and choose a better brand between Adidas and Puma.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand is more expensive Adidas or Puma?

The brand that is more expensive is Adidas in comparison to the brand Puma. Adidas offers a more premium quality sportswear while Puma offers a more affordable range of sports and footwear. Thus when looking for a premium and more expensive shoe brand you can opt for Adidas.

2. Which Brand is more successful Adidas or Puma?

The brand that is more successful is Adidas when compared to the brand Puma. Adidas has generated more revenue than the brand Puma and also has a remarkable global recognition with a rank of 63 while the brand Puma did not make within the range of 100.

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