Where Should I Put My Shoes? Complete Guide

Shoes are always considered an essential item in our daily lives. Invented back during hundreds of centuries for the protection of feet, supporting the structure of the body and its weight and also signify in enhancing our fashion. When it comes to storing them appropriately, the options can become messier and more overwhelming.

Where Should I Put My Shoes Complete Guide

It is difficult to find the right place for the large collection of shoes that some people possess, therefore in this article, we will tell you about some interesting and easy methods for placing your shoes and we will also explore the options available for shoe storage. Let’s discuss ‘where should I put my shoes?’ and also about some shoe accessories.

Where Should I Put My Shoes?

Shoes in the Entryway or Hallway:

All over India and at some religious institutions we can often see people choosing to open their shoe pairs in the entryway or hallway because they found it easily accessible. However, if we can input an option for shoe storage in the entryway like a cabinet or a shoe bench, it would be looking quite organized and one can find shoes without any hassles. However, shoes in the entryway or hallway are considered to be a good option.

Shoe Hangers and Shelves:

These shoe hangers and shelves are an easy and quick way to organise your shoes according to your essentials. These hangers and shelves appear in various sizes and nowadays they are even found in a more customizable way. The Shoe Shelves come with wireframes built with elegant wood structures. They are always the right choice for you because you can place them anywhere depending on your preferences.

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Particularly, Shoe shelves are the most common and versatile storage choice because you can place them either on your walls or even inside a wide cabinet. Such people can consider these options if they have limited floor space and who want to give shape to their vertical space.

Storage Units like Shoe Cabinets:

These storage units like shoe cabinets are also considered a popular alternative choice among people. They appear in different sizes, colours and styles according to your essentials and they come in shapes like ordinary wide plastic boxes to refined wooden cabinets. Usually, they have broad and wide spaces inside that offer a great way to maintain the shoes organized and concealed. It also offers certain pros like they protect the shoes from harsh dust particles and environmental factors. An interesting fact is that they come with an inbuilt air circulation feature that keeps your shoe odour free.

Shoe Cubbies or Racks:

The Shoe Cubbies or racks are a similar utilitarian object like the racks but they offer more spacious and compartmentalised storage units. These Cubbies offer compartments in various slots so that you can systematically keep your shoes. People with large shoe collections can consider this option if they want to keep their shoes in the right order of their shoe colours, style and occasion. It is also a great alternative for children so they can easily reach and found their shoes without getting overwhelmed.

The Shoe Storage Ottomans:

The Shoe Storage Ottomans

The shoe storage ottoman is furniture made for dual purposes and it can serve you in many ways. These Storage Ottomans have a stylish feature along with a functional piece of furniture that gives comfortable seating and a flexible storage compartment for your favourite shoes. They can be placed according to your room setting or your need and comes in attractive designs. People with small apartments and houses should consider this option because your space is premium.

Shoe Organizers like Over-the-Door:

From the title itself shoe organizers like ‘over the door’, we can get a glimpse that it is best for people who have limited floor space. In this option, a large collection of shoes can be maximised. This type of shoe organizer comes with a hanging rack with multiple containers where you can store your shoes. It can be placed on your closet door and bedroom door to keep your shoes easily accessible and convenient for you.

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Self-creation of Shoe Storage:

This self-creation of shoe storage option is the right fit for all the creative and budget-friendly people out there.  Creative people can consider renewing their old bookshelf or ladder to store the shoes. This is a fun and unique way to display your shoes.


We have come to the end of ‘where should I put my shoes?’ and out of all the above options available; choose the best option depending on your needs and availability. If you can come up with a creative mind, it will not only help in beautifully displaying your shoes but also be cost-effective and also keeps your home tidy and organized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I put my shoes in the dryer?

No, you should not put your shoes in the dryer. Putting shoes in the dryer is a harmful process that can deteriorate the texture and quality of your shoes. Also, using a dryer leads to damage to delicate shoes. The heat released from the dryer can ultimately damage your shoe’s construction; therefore it’s necessary to follow healthy cleaning procedures.

2. Can I put my shoes in the washing machine?

No, you cannot put your shoes in the washing machine. Sometimes you can put your shoes in the washing machine when the instruction in the shoe labels shows that they are machine washables. Some other show models do not instruct you to wash your shoes in the washing machine because it can damage the texture and longevity of those shoes. For alternative washing methods, you can take help from any shoe experts.

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