What type of shoes to wear with kurta pajamas?

What type of shoes to wear with kurta pajamas?

What type of shoes to wear with kurta pajamas

Shoes are very common to wear when matched with casual outfits like jeans, tops, t-shirts, and shirts but when it comes to kurta pajamas everybody gets confused. With traditional dresses, it’s often flats and other footwear have been chosen, but the use of shoes can make you stand out. The choice of shoes mainly depends on the type of bottom(pajamas) you are wearing and secondary it will depend on the type of kurta. Well, the pair of pajamas and shoes play a huge role while maintaining outstanding attire. The combination of shoes and kurta pajamas depends on the type of kurta pajamas. But what shoes can you wear with kurta pajamas? Let’s just dive into it.

Types of shoes that can be worn with a kurta and pajamas 

  • Juttis
  • Mojiri
  • Ethnic Sandals
  • Monk Strap Loafers
  • Formal Shoes


Juttis are one of the most common footwear preferred with traditional dresses and outfits. They look great with a churidar and salwar. This footwear has flat heels. It’s comfortable for your traditional occasions and often can be worn with any traditional outfit. Juttis are also known as Nagras. 


Mojiri is a kind of shoe that suits every traditional outfit and kurta pajamas are no exception. These mojiris also go well with the bridegroom’s outfits. Wedding attire requires a little bit of royalty, which this mojiri gives the best.

Are Juttis and Mojiri the same ?

Juttis and Mojiris are like siblings but they are quite different from each other. Both are the perfect footwear for traditional occasions and go well with kurta pajamas. The difference lies in the shape of the shoes. Juttis have round toes while Mojiris have curled-up toes.

Ethnic Sandals

Ethnic Sandals are footwear that has a closed toe. The design of ethnic sandals looks good with traditional attire. They are available in a number of designs. You can complete your traditional attire with these ethnic sandals and can stand out from the crowd.

Monk Strap Loafers

Monk Strap Loafers can appear as formal when worn with suits. However, this footwear is versatile in style. You can style them with kurta pajamas and try to go with a plain kurta. Other than that these loafers can be paired with jeans and blazers for a casual and occasional dressier look. 

Formal Shoes

Formal shoes are a great idea to have as they will work with multiple outfits. As you know they can go in suits and other formal and casual outfits. Formal shoes are a great option for traditional dresses as well, like kurta pajamas.

These are the types of shoes you can wear with a kurta and pajamas. The juttis and mojiris are easy to pair with many combinations of kurtas and pajamas. Loafers work well for casual attire as well as for traditional attire if worn with kurta pajamas. Formal shoes is a pair of shoes that everybody has. It’s amazing that it works with a traditional outfit and you do not need to purchase another pair of shoes for your traditional outfit.

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