What is the difference between sneakers and shoes?

Most people get confused between sneakers and shoes and think that they are the same. A lot of people also use the terms sneakers and shoes interchangeably. However, in reality, they are not the same. Are you wondering what makes them different? Well, you do not have to think about it. This article ‘What is the difference between sneakers and shoes?’ will present to you all the essential and notable differences.

What is the difference between sneakers and shoes

What is the difference between sneakers and shoes?

Material used :                   

The major difference lies in the material used in making sneakers and shoes. The sneakers are made from synthetic or canvas material while the shoes are made from different materials including synthetic materials too. 

The purpose of using :

Sneakers are athletic shoes that can be used for casual wearing, walking, and jogging activities while shoes are used for multiple purposes, training and activities.

Soles height :

Sneaker soles are flatter than shoes. The sneakers’ sole height is lower than the shoe’s sole height. That makes it easy to walk while using sneakers and easy to run while wearing shoes. Shoes have an adequate heel height which helps in running while sneakers do not have that height and that’s why they are not good for running.

Comfort :

Sneakers provide the desired comfort and can be worn for day to day activities. However, sneakers do not provide the required comfort as running shoes provide. However, sneakers are comfortable for walking activities and for office hours.

Durability :

Shoes are more durable than sneakers. Sneakers won’t allow you to run. They will not allow you to walk on rough surfaces. While the shoes are durable as they are stronger than sneakers.

Flexibility :

Flexibility is a requirement in all kinds of footwear, especially in running shoes. 

Cushioning :

Sneakers do not absorb shock or pressure as shoes do. Sneakers cushioning is not able to absorb shock or pressure while physical training. Shoes, on the other hand, offer different kinds of cushioning.

Versatility :

Sneakers are more versatile than shoes. You can wear sneakers in casual outfits, with jeans, dresses, and shorts, at the office, at home, or at a cafe while shoes can be worn on a few occasions depending on their model.

Possible Benefits and Drawbacks of Sneakers


The benefits of the sneakers are the following

  • Sneakers are the type of footwear that undoubtedly offers extreme comfort while moving because they have some unique features like inward padded soles, midsoles like shock absorbent material and outward flexible soles.
  • Sneakers have a vast collection of shoes that are unique in shape, colour, texture, pattern and design.
  • Sneakers can be worn on any occasion from casual dates to formal events and it’s a trendy shoe for this modern society.
  • Sneakers come with enhanced functions of stability and durability and offer the benefits like heel support and a padded feature at the ankle to reduce any kind of strain during movement.
  • Sneakers are not only made to give a fashionable approach but also to enhance sports performance with the included elements such as lightweight design for boosting agility.
  • Sneakers are often regarded as the protector of the feet because they have an extra layer of safeguard in the areas of midfoot, and toes to prevent any injury and to keep feet dry in the damp regions.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Sneakers are called the most casual footwear and they fail to give that sophisticated look in the formal setting.
  • Not all sports activities can support the sneaker shoes like soccer because of their low performance than other athletic shoes.
  • It’s difficult to maintain the sneaker into a good quality item because it is often prone to dirt and stains that might be hard while remove it.

The benefits of the shoes are the following:

  • Shoes are made for the purpose of protecting and preventing further hazardous injuries.
  • Shoes have an inbuilt ergonomic structure and built-up design to give the ideal support and comfortability.
  • Shoes are not only for protection but also considered to be a very valuable style accessory to give a perfect outlook.
  • Some enhanced and specialized shoes can perform certain activities very well.
  • The sole design of the shoe is to blend them according to the environmental changes.


  • Premium quality shoes are not at all cost-effective.
  • Sometimes the shoes can fail to give you accurate sizing and measurement.
  • Some specific shoes may lack the feature of breathability.
  • Not always the material used in the shoes is biodegradable,  thus making it unfit for the environment.


This article ‘What is the difference between sneakers and shoes?’ In short, sneakers are shoes that are used for athletic purposes and can be used for casual outfits and walking. On the other hand, shoes are used for multiple purposes and come in multiple varieties. There are different types of shoes available in the market such as casual shoes, sports shoes, party shoes etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. What is the difference between sports shoes and sneakers?

Yes, there is a difference between sneakers and shoes. The sneakers are built to give the casual look in a more fashionable way and also sometimes work as an athletic shoes for its excellent performance features. While the shoes are made for the sole purpose to give protection to the feet from any injuries and are meant to be used in everyday life.

2.  Are rubber shoes and sneakers the same?

Yes. The rubber shoes and the sneakers are the same because both are casual footwear and can also perform to be athletic wear in some cases in a more flexible and comfortable way.

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