What is the difference between Nike and Asics running shoes ?

What is the difference between Nike and Asics running shoes?

Exercises are vital to keeping a sustainable and healthy body. It is essential to have a good pair of running shoes that are comfortable and safe while performing the workout. And among all the other footwear industries Nike and Asics are the two most choices of brands in running shoes in today’s market. Therefore in this article, we will find out some distinguished elements and objectives between these two brands. Let’s dig into; what is the difference between Nike and Asics running shoes.

What is the difference between Nike and Asics running shoes

A glance at the past of the following brands Nike and Asics.

The Brand Nike

The brand Nike got its name from a popular American multinational organization that incorporated unique shoes in terms of design, development, manufacturing, equipment, marketing and other strategies.  Nike is remarkable for its unique and iconic “swoosh” logo. It is one of the world’s largest athletic shoes supplier built in 1964 by the two companions Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

The Brand Asics

The brand Asics is a Japanese multinational organization founded in 1949 originally to produce basketball shoes. But in the year 1977, the company was reformed to convert their aim to “a healthy soul into a healthy body” and developed the sporting shoe manufacturers to build the company of Asics.

About the distinguished ranges between the following:

Nike Running Shoes

The product range of Nike running shoes constitutes shoes for basketball, football and other athletic sports along with designer dress shoes and also has a premium catalogue for its valuable shoppers. They are also producing clothes along with shoe apparel to develop their brand globally. They use innovative designs and technologies in the production of shoes and other accessories and often collaborate with renowned designers.

Another important fact about this brand is that they are the first brand to develop the “Air Jordan”. It is a special type of sneaker and it’s iconic because it got its name from the famous basketball legend” Michael Jordan”. Nowadays, Nike is emerging as the most recognizable brand for its collaborations with famous people of all time like Serene Williams and Virgil Abloh.

Asics Running Shoes

Asics Running Shoes

Asics running shoes have a wide collection of athletic shoes only for sports like volleyball, tennis, wrestling and others. This company modified their shoes with highly proprietary technology like “Gel cushioning” and “Fluidride” for enhanced shoe performance. The company is also focusing on sustainability and other social responsibilities to launch eco-friendly shoes and footwear from recycled materials with biodegradable packaging.

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Distinguished Qualities among the following:


This brand Nike is solely focusing on running shoes that are produced with higher-value materials, making the shoes more efficient and long-lasting. A special technology they are using is called “Flywire” in their shoes to give enhanced support and stability in the feet while performing running sports. Also, they have given a delicate and comfortable insole within the shoes to make them easy and breathable during long-distance sports.


Asics produces its shoes from recycled products with high-quality materials making the shoe eco-friendly and durable.  They are using a technology called “Gel” to maximize the stability of the shoes during sports activities like volleyball, etc.

Pricing set up between the two brands Nike and Asics

Nike running shoes are usually expensive because they only supply the best and premium quality shoes for its athletes and other notable public. They are also giving trendy patterns on their shoes making them highly expensive than other regular shoe brands. The brand Asics footwear delivers more enhanced and affordable pricing within a good range of sports shoes and other designer footwear, making it quite flexible in price than the overrated brand like Nike. Therefore this is how the pricing is set up between the two brands Nike and Asics.

Elements and Characteristics of the following brands:

Nike Shoes

The elements and characteristics of the Nike shoes are available in trendier patterns and attractive colours, available in numerous measurements and fit to maximize the overall performance of the sports shoe.

Asics Running Shoes

Their specialised sports shoes have multifarious designs and colours making them quite popular among athletes and today’s society. They are quite flexible during long-run sports and provide maximum stability to the feet. Thus these are the prominent elements and characteristics of the Asics running shoes.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Nike Running Shoes

  • They usually come in unique textures and patterns.
  • They only produce their sports shoes with premium quality products.
  • The insole of the shoes is delicate and flexible for easier movement.
  • A significant pro of Nike running shoes is that in recent years, the brand Nike has implemented an advanced cushioning technology called the ‘Air’ and ‘Zoom’ that is showing positive results of shock absorption during some intensified athletic games.
  • Nike Running shoes have a large collection of colours and patterns among their shoes to meet their customer’s demanding criteria and personal styles.
  • Nike Running shoes are solely made to ensure comfort with the inbuilt feature ‘Flyknit’ to provide support and a good shape to the feet.


  • They are not cost-effective sports shoes in today’s market.
  • The major cons of the Nike Running shoes are that they are too competitive and less affordable and generally the cost starts from $200.
  • Sometimes Nike Running shoes failed to provide a tight grip and stability which can cause unsuitability to the runners.
  • They are unstable for people who have broad feet.
  • It is limited for people who have some major foot problems.
  • They can also cause severe blisters in the foot if worn for a long time.
  • The reviews of the Nike running shoes are not up to the mark always because there have been severe reports on the quality issues regarding their loose soles.

Pros of Asics Running Shoes

  • A proper inbuilt cushioning and support system is present in the shoe to allow flexible movements.
  • Built with eco-friendly and recycled materials and comes in biodegradable packaging.
  • The stability and support of the Asics running shoes are far better than the Nike shoes because they are known for high stability during running and come with the advantages of over and under-pronation.
  • Asics running shoes are also built with the use of a technology called ‘Gel-Cushioning’ to allow free and supportive movement.
  • The pricing setup of the Asics running shoes is much more cost-effective than the Nike running shoes and the costing just starts from the range of $60.
  • Another pro of the Asics running shoes is that they allow breathability and proper ventilation of the air during sports activities.


  • They have a limited edition of colour ranges when compared to Nike’s footwear brand.
  • A significant con of the Asics running shoes is that they have limited functions and aesthetics that make them undesirable for runners.
  • Another notable con of the Asics running shoes is that the shoes don’t always come in a lightweight manner.
  • They are not suitable for diseased feet.
  • Sometimes the Asics brand product gets duped and conceited.
  • Also, it is limited to people having a broad foot.
  • The reviews of the Asics running shoes say that they are quite undesirable during any heavy sports activities because they fail to act like a responsive shoe.


Both of these brands are excellent choices among runners and athletes and the above provided some details difference between Nike and Asics running shoes. They are affording casual shoes to extremely premium sports shoes and often collaborate with renowned designers and athletes to stand out from other regular brands. Hence, both of these brands are providing worthy products depending on their customer’s priorities and essentials to deliver the best comfortable shoes while running.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Nike Shoes cheaper in the US?

Yes, Nike shoes are cheaper in the US. Because Nike is an American footwear brand and they are manufacturing on the availability of wider selections. Nike shoes are much cheaper in America because it is offering many options of discounts and sales events and making them more affordable in the US. To acquire accurate information, read this article above.

2. Do Nike Shoes long-last?

Yes, Nike shoes long last. Nike Shoes are known for their impeccable durability and longevity. Nike Shoes are designed to long last for the purpose of high performance and intense activities. Read this article to know more.

3. Do Nike Shoes stretch overtime?

Yes, Nike shoes tend to stretch over time. Sometimes Nike shoes can cause natural stretching because it helps to adapt the shape of your feet with the shoe, allowing a more comfortable movement. Nike shoes stretch because of the factor of regularly using the shoes for sports activities. Otherwise, Nike shoes have prolonged stability.

4. Is Asics a good brand name for running shoes?

Yes, Asics is a good brand name for running shoes. This is a high-quality brand catering to the needs of the running community. The reviews and the feedbacks of the Asics running are quite high in the present scenario market. Therefore Asics are always recommended for any type of athlete.

5. Are Asics running shoes waterproof?

No, Asics shoes are not waterproof. But it comes with excellent performance stability and breathability during the sports activities. But in the later years with the use of new technology, the water-resistant feature might include in the Asics running shoes.

6. Are Asics shoes better than Nike?

No, Asics shoes are not better than Nike. However, Asics shoes are better for people having wider feet and they also reduce the shock-absorption while running. Thus, choose Asics shoes according to your running preferences.

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