What is Lace-Up Shoes?

The Lace-up shoes emerged from a classical style of footwear that is invented many years around centuries. The description of this shoe comes up like it is fastened with laces that either run through eyelets or hooks on either side of the shoe. This type of footwear is called vintage and versatile that can be worn on any occasion from casual to formal events. Let’s explore the history and fashion of ‘What are lace-up shoes? ‘and their high significance today.

What is Lace-Up Shoes

History of Lace-Up Shoes?

The history of these lace-up shoes dates back to the Middle Ages because it was first worn by soldiers as protective footwear. The structure and the design evolved as simple with leather or no fabric uppers along with a flat sole. These laces were made to adjust the true size and fit of the shoe so that it secures to the foot. With modernisation, fashion and design have evolved and these lace-up shoes became immensely popular among working-class people.

An interesting fact of ‘‘what are lace-up shoes? Came up in the 19th century that lace-up shoes were common and a popular choice among men and they occasionally wear them at formal events. The lace-up shoes that men wore used to be different from that of the females. Their particular shoes were made up of leather and featured a close vamp that protected the toe and the front of the foot. Those laces were threaded through eyelets or hooks and they often adorned their typical lace-up shoes with decorative stitching and broguing. In the middle 19th century, women also started to wear lace-up shows and it was crafted with softer materials such as silk and velvet and also included high decoration.

Coming up to the modern era of the early 20th Century,  lace-up shoes became prevalent in every household and both men and women started to wear them without any hesitation and with that they used to attend their casual occasions. In this era, the craftsmanship of this particular shoe evolved verily and the quality became firmer with the addition of materials like rubber, used for the soles and categorically new styles emerged called the “Oxford” and “Derby”.

After the introduction of the Oxford shoe which became insanely popular among upper-class men. It is described as a classic lace-up shoe that features a close lacing system where the eyelets need to be hem underneath the vamp. This unique structure and the stitching system make the shoe sleek and give an elegant appearance and also it is worn to formal events. On the other hand, the Derby shoe provides an open-lacing structure where the eyelets have been attached to the top of the vamp. With all these additional facilities, it shows a casual appearance of the shoe and is often worn by people regularly.

How do lace-up shoes add an advantage to people?

 lace-up shoes

The widely known advantage of lace-up shoes is their adjustability. Those laces are added as a benefit so that they can adjust the fit of the shoe to the foot, allowing a comfortable and secure fit. This is a newly evolved lace-up shoe specially designed for people with narrow feet and also for those who require orthopaedic insertions. Lace-up shoes are even widely used today for their durability because it has developed a lacing system that helps to keep the shoe in the right place and prevents it from slipping off the foot. This is the sole reason how do lace-up shoes add an advantage to people.

Nowadays, these shoes have evolved with new materials like leather and suede that contributes to offering strength and resistance to everyday wear and tear and it grew to be a popular choice among people. In the category of Classic and Timeless styles, lace-up shoes won the heart of people by always remaining at the top list in fashion. People of various ages can wear this shoe with their favourite dress and accessories depending upon the occasion and this versatility makes it famous in any wardrobe and can also be called a good investment for the one who is in search of a quality pair of shoes.

Advantages and the Disadvantages of the Lace-Up Shoes?


  • Lace-up shoes often offer customizable measurements according to a customer’s foot requirements.
  • Lace-up shoes allow a more secure a supportive structure and give a good shape to the feet.
  • Lace-up shoes often offer versatile collections for every event.
  • Lace-up shoes give a unique, classic and timeless vintage look when compared with other local shoes. Therefore, these are the advantages of Lace-up shoes.


  • Lace-up shoes create a major disadvantage to their users because it does not allow an effective wearing system.
  • Lace-up shoes are only good for some temporary moments and can cause distress in the movement when worn for long hours.
  • Lace-up shoes lack the convenience that other regular flip-flops provide.
  • Lace-up shoes are difficult to maintain because the materials can easily be worn out when used for long periods. Therefore, these are the major disadvantages of Lace-up shoes.

Concluding with the fact that lace-up shoes have a well-known rich history and it’s still called a timeless style of footwear from that vintage era. It is widely known among both men and women and people love to wear them all time from casual wear to formal events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are Lace-up shoes better for your feet?

Yes, Lace up shoes are better for your feet. Because lace-up shoes have the advantage to allow flexible measurement irrespective of the size of any foot. Lace-up shoes deliver fitted foot alignment so that your feet can get a good shape while having a better support system.

2. Are Lace-up shoes slip-ons?

No. Lace-up shoes can never be slip-on. Slip-on shoes didn’t have a functional lace system. The laces in the lace-up shoes allow free and flexible fitting of the shoe during the movement.

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