What is a shoe mitt ?

From the question above ‘What is a shoe mitt?’ it can be gathered that it is a cleaning substance used to polish and clean shoes. It is a tiny cloth specially designed as a glove so that one can wear it on hand and easily clean the shoes. The shoe mitt cloth material differs from the normal cloth. This shoe mitt absorbs all the dirt and dust and gives a natural polish to the shoes.

What is a shoe mitt

The shoe mitt works efficiently for leather shoes. It is very convenient to use a shoe mitt and it takes very minimal time to clean shoes with a shoe mitt. However, the shoe mitt will not give the finishing to the shoe as brushing does but it will make your shoe shine. It is a myth that shoe mitt is provided at hotels only. If one wants to keep their shoes shining the entire time one can consider purchasing shoe mitts.

Why should one consider purchasing a shoe mitt? 

The professions in which you require to wear shoes for a longer time then the shoes keep getting dirty. Obviously, you don’t have the time to get them brushed daily or even twice or thrice a week. However, a shoe mitt can be your time saver here. Its convenience makes it easy to use for daily purposes. It will make your shoes shine in minutes. Therefore, this is the reason why should one consider purchasing a shoe mitt.

How to use a shoe mitt to clean shoes?

  • The steps to using a shoe mitt to clean shoes are the following:
  • Use one side of the shoe mitt to clean the dirt as much as you can while keeping the other side clean.
  • Fold the shoe mitt, now you will have two faces of clean side. On one side apply moisturizer for shoes and again keep the other half clean. Spread the moisturizer with the help of a shoe mitt all over the shoes.
  • Next, simply just use the other half for the final shine.

When to avoid using a shoe mitt? 

Avoid using a shoe mitt when your shoes are extremely dirty. In that case, one should make use of a brush for cleaning the footwear. Another circumstance when you should avoid shoe mitts is the material of the shoes. The shoe mitt does not work with foam shoes, suede shoes or textile shoes. So be aware of that. This is the sole reason why you need to avoid using a shoe mitt.

Does shoe mitt affect the quality of shoes?

No, the shoe mitt itself will never damage your shoe or neither will affect the quality. It is simply made of cotton. If you apply any lubricant or polish material on a shoe mitt that is not suitable for your shoes only then it may cause problems. 

Is there any other use for a shoe mitt?

Shoe mitts can be used for multiple purposes other than just for shoes. For instance, you can clean your watch, for cleaning stains, for cleaning jewellery or clean the screen of laptops, phones or tablets. It will even be helpful in the car as it can be used to clean spills, shoe marks or similar stuff.

To sum up this article ‘What is a shoe mitt?’ a Shoe mitt is not popular but this piece of cloth can save you time when shining your shoe. It is suitable to clean shoes with minor dirt and for shining. People often found it in hotel rooms but it can be purchased for personal use. It’s easy to use shoe mitt and it can be helpful to clean other objects as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How is a shoe mitt different from a regular cloth or brush?

Yes, a shoe mitt is very different from a regular cloth or brush because the shoe mitt is especially a cleaning tool used to polish and clean the shoe. A shoe mitt is highly different from other materials because they are made of delicate materials of terrycloth that help to gently remove the sticky dirt and debris from any kind of shoe without causing any harm to the texture and material of the shoe. Also, shoe mitts are recommended only for shoe cleaning because they can clean in a hassle-free manner when compared to ordinary clothes and brushes.

2. Can we use shoe mitts on all types of shoes?

Yes, shoe mitts can be used on all types of shoes. This is because they are designed to take special care of the shoes like leather and other synthetic shoes without causing any harm to the shoe. Shoe mitts are solely recommended for your shoe to give it a clean and professional look.

3. Can a shoe mitt replace other shoe-cleaning tools?

No, shoe mitts can never replace other shoe-cleaning tools because it’s a versatile designed tool to refurbish and give it a new appearance for the best results. Other shoe cleaning tools like brushes and other applicators don’t exactly work as a shoe mitt and sometimes they fail to clean the dust evenly.

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