What are Non-marking Shoes for Badminton? 

Non-marking shoes are shoes that are designed in a way that they do not leave any unsightly marks on the badminton court. In addition, they do not leave marks on wooden platforms or tiled floors. These shoes are light in weight and have good traction and grip.

What are non-marking shoes for badminton 

Non-marking makes turning and tossing easy for players while maintaining their balance on the court. Non-marking shoes can be worn for multiple indoor sports, for instance, badminton, tennis, basketball, handball and more. 

What is the identity of non-marking shoes?

By following the below steps you can identify non-marking shoes: 

  • Flip the shoe.
  • With the help of your fingernail press the sole.
  • If the sole dents it means it could be the non-marking shoe.

Here is another method to find if your shoes are non-marking.

The steps are as follows : 

  •  Take plain white paper.
  • Place the shoe on it.
  • Now rub the sole of the shoe against the paper carefully without tearing it.
  • There should not be any scuff marks if you find any scuff marks then the shoes are not non-marking shoes. 

What is the difference between regular and non-marking shoes?

Regular shoes tend to cause marks on the court which may damage the court. Furthermore, other regular sports shoes do not provide the flexibility to move, turn or toss as it is required in badminton or other indoor games. Non-marking shoes’ name themselves suggests that they will create no mark on the floor. Additionally, they have better cushioning, provide better grip and traction and flexibility to move and turn fast.

Why can regular shoes not be worn at badminton courts?

badminton courts

The reason behind not wearing regular shoes on the badminton court is that their sole is made from regular rubber. These soles tend to collect debris while we walk and while we are playing in court this debris reduces the friction and also leaves marks on the floor. This will cause an unwanted and bad experience on the court and also increase the cost of management. In addition, players are not able to play freely. Due to these reasons, regular shoes are not allowed on the badminton court.

Does one non-marking shoe enough for all indoor sports?

The answer depends on what sports you choose. If you choose similar types of sports which require the same traction, flexibility and comfort then you may use the same pair of on-marking shoes. But if you have different demands from different sports, you may need a couple of non-marking shoes according to them. This is because each sport demands different qualities from shoes and therefore a single pair of non-marking shoes for multiple indoor games may not be helpful.

Now you may get the answers to your questions regarding non-marking shoes for badminton and in general. You also get to know why it is important to wear non-marking shoes while playing badminton on the court. You can easily find if the pair of shoes is non-marking or not by following the method mentioned above.

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