Top 10 sports shoes brand in India

Sports shoes are an essential part of sports, fitness, exercise, running, training and for travelling. When performing activities like this we need a pair of fine shoes which should be comfortable. Now as most of these activities are performed on a regular basis one may require a pair of shoes that should be durable. However, finding such sports shoes can be difficult in local markets and shops. Therefore, we are bringing a list of sports shoe brands in India so that you can experience the desired comfort while wearing the same shoes for a longer period of time.

Top 10 sports shoes brand in India

The pool of brands includes several brands such as Xtep, HRX, Woodland, Puma, Nike, Adidas, Fila, Reebok, ASICS, Under Armour, Skechers, Salomon, Red Tape, Columbus, HRX, Duke, Lotto, Liberty, Action, New Balance, Power, SEVEN, Sparx, Hummel, Mizuno, Off Limits, Allen Cooper, Hoka One One, Brooks, Saucony, APL, Merrell, Veja, La Sportiva

Top 10 sports shoes brand in India

  1. Nike
  2. PUMA 
  3. Reebok 
  4. Adidas
  5. New Balance
  6. Converse
  7. Fila
  8. Sparx
  9. HRX
  10. Skechers 


Nike is a well-known American multinational company of footwear. Nike has a variety of shoes for men, women and children which are available in India. It is a top brand because it maintains the quality of the shoes. The sports shoes are well cushioned and give you the desired comfort.


Puma is a German-based multinational company, founded in 1948 that designs shoes for sports, training, exercise and for casual wear. The sports shoes offered by PUMA are light in weight, support your activities and are pocket-friendly compared to other brands.


Reebok, an American company is more than a clothing brand, it also produces shoes in various categories. Reebok provides the best sports shoes for running, jogging, physical training, and for gymming. The sports shoes of Reebok provide better traction and comfort.


Adidas is already a well-known brand among us. It is a direct competitor of other brands like PUMA, Reebok, Nike and more. The designs of Adidas sports shoes are versatile. Their prices may be high but the quality of the sports shoes justifies the price.

New Balance

New Balance was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley. It is one of the best brands in the footwear category. They provide the best shoes for athletes. Furthermore, they maintain the quality of their product.


Converse is an American brand founded in 1908. Converse shoes are manufactured in four countries and India is one of them. Converse made use of the best material while manufacturing shoes which makes shoes durable and comfortable. 


Fila, a South Korean brand was founded in 1911. They have a variety of shoes for running, gymming and other physical activities. They are durable and stylish in look.  


Sparx is owned by Relaxo Footwear Limited. They are popular in India and they have sports shoes for running, jogging, and training activities.  They produce a bulk of shoes.


HRX, you may get it by its name. The HRX brand was established by Hrithik Roashan and Exceed Entertainment in 2013. It is an India based brand. The brand is popular because of its sportswear and footwear. 


Skechers is another popular American footwear company. The best thing about the Skechers is that they are affordable while providing the desired comfort and durability to the wearer.


The sports shoe brands mentioned above are widely popular. They provide the highest performance. Some of these brands are affordable and some may be expensive. But all of them provide comfort and support to the wearer. In addition, they are also durable.

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