How to Remove Creases from Leather Shoes?

What is a Shoe Crease?

Before delving into the subject of this title, we need to know about the fact, that what is a shoe crease? Shoe crease is a term given to the condition of the shoes where it appears that the upper part of the shoe surface produces some wrinkles during any kind of movement or while performing any exercises.

How to remove creases from leather shoes

Also, a shoe crease in leather is a common thing to appear because mainly the creases are formed due to the use of different leather materials that not only deteriorate the original texture of the shoe but also demolish the shoe’s polished and shiny appearance.

How to remove creases from leather shoes?

When you purchase a pair of shoes while considering all the qualities: comfort, durability, weight and support you expect they will be as new even after using them. No matter what company or brand of shoes you wear you are going to face creases on them after some time. Creases can happen on canvas, suede and especially on leather shoes. Therefore this is how you can remove creases from leather shoes.

How do creases happen on leather shoes?

It is very obvious that when we walk we bend our feet front and back. This movement of our feet causes shoes to bend. So if we walk for more time in a day it is likely to get creased soon. When shoes do not bend with your feet that mean that they are not quite comfortable. Thus, this is an obvious reason of how do creases happen on leather shoes.

Is there any way you can prevent creases?

There are a few ways you can try to prevent creases from happening. Although they might be difficult tasks to perform. The ways are as follows: 

  • Try to purchase the right size and right fit for your feet as it will minimize the gap between the upper material of the shoe and the feet and therefore the risk of creases and wrinkles.
  • Next, you can purchase a couple of pairs of shoes so that you don’t have to wear one pair daily. This is because when you wear a pair of shoes daily they handle more wear and tear and are likely to be creased. Wearing a different pair of shoes on different days will help.
  • By avoiding walking on your toes you can minimize the risk of creases. 
  • Always tighten your lace and try not to leave any loose space because the gap between the upper material of shoes and feet is the main cause of the crease. Thus these are the essential ways how to remove creases from leather shoes.

How to remove creases from leather shoes?’

Now, I am going to answer the title of the article ‘How to remove creases from leather shoes?’ If anyhow, you still get dresses on your shoes there are some steps you can follow to remove them: 

By using Iron:

  • Stuff the shoes with a cloth or something so they will acquire the proper shape. 
  • Remove laces.
  • Dampen a cloth and put it on the surface of the shoes.
  • Now iron on the dampened cloth carefully.
  • Repeat the process for other shoes.
  • Remove the cloth and let it dry. Thus, this is how using iron can help to remove creases from leather shoes.

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By using a hair dryer:

  • Stuff the shoes so that they can stretch enough for removing creases.
  • Use a hair dryer with minimum heat.
  • Hold the hair dryer around 3 to 6 inches away from the shoes.
  • Change the positions of the dryer from time to time to avoid any kind of burn.
  • At last, the shoes maintain their original shape. Therefore this is how using a hair dryer, can help to remove creases from leather shoes.

By using shoe (leather) conditioner: 

  • Stuff the shoe tightly and remove the laces.
  • Rub the leather conditioner and massage it over the creases.
  • Allow shoes to absorb all the leather conditioner. It may take hours.
  • Check after a few hours and you are ready to go.


Even if you try to prevent creases they are going to happen sooner or later. It’s great if they do not happen on your shoes but if they do happen we have shared with you the three popular methods. With the help of this method in the article ‘How to remove ceases from leather shoes?’ thus you can remove your shoe crease on leather easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are Creases in leather shoes normal?

Yes, creases in leather shoes are normal. In leather shoes, the creases appear as a normal wrinkle on the above surface of the shoe material, which is the sole effect of movements or other activities for a prolonged period of time. The creases that appear to show in the leather shoes are very normal because such changes occur due to the factor of ageing of shoes and also using it roughly for a prolonged time.

2. How to avoid creases on leather shoes?

Yes, creases on leather shoes can be avoided. For such, you have to consider proper storage facilities for any kind of leather shoes, avoid bending your leather shoes unnecessarily and always try to apply shoe conditioner on your leather to avoid any wrinkling texture on the surface of the shoe.

3. Can you get creases out of leather shoes?

Yes, you can easily remove the creases from leather shoes. For a more professional touch, you can consider taking help from any expert. If you want to treat the creases on your leather shoes at home, then you can consider the factors like proper shoe repairing options and proper shoe conditioning options in order to prevent further wrinkling on the shoe surface.

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