How to Clean Woodland Shoes? Complete Guide

Woodland shoes come from a well-known brand that is popular and famous among people of various ages for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, mountaineering and camping. These shoes are made up of good quality materials which can withstand and combat harsh weather and rugged terrain when doing any kind of outdoor activities. They have a durable and fashionable nature but with rough usage over time, they can pile up dirt and stains on the shoe surface which can result in a dull appearance and can show a lack of durability.

How to Clean Woodland Shoes

Therefore, we need to clean it properly to strengthen and maintain its features like quality, durability and good appearance. So, in this essay, ‘How to clean Woodland shoes?’ we will find procedures on the ways to clean Woodland shoes and how we can restore their original texture.

How to Clean Woodland Shoes?

Gathering the items needed before cleaning the Woodland Shoes

Before we begin to clean the Woodland shoes we need to keep in mind that while cleaning the shoes some items need to be collected like a soft-bristled brush,  a mild solvent like detergent, a clean cloth, lukewarm water and a shoe conditioner last. We should never use a detergent containing harsh chemicals which can result in damaging the whole shoe quality and a shoe conditioner acts as a retrieval to restore the natural oil of the leather from which the shoe is made and it can protect it from further deterioration. Therefore gathering the items needed before cleaning the Woodland Shoes is essential.

Removing the Loose Dirt and Debris

Before washing the shoes we need to remove any kind of loose or hanging dirt and dust present on the exterior and the interior part of the shoes. With a soft-bristled brush, we can gently scrub the shoe by focusing on the areas having sticky and muck waste. Though we should hardly apply any kind of pressure on the material because some of the areas are delicate and can be affected badly. Now with a clean cloth, we can wipe away any loose dust to ensure that the cleaning solution that we will prepare later can enter the surface of the shoe without any limitations. Thus, with this method, removing loose dirt and debris becomes easy.

Making a Cleaning Solution with Mild Detergent or Soap

Making a Cleaning Solution with Mild Detergent or Soap

Make a cleaning solution with a mild detergent or soap within a bowl of lukewarm water and a mild detergent along with a clean cloth beside. Now we need to plunge the soft bristle brush into the very mixture we prepared or we can also put the cloth in the mixture and lightly scrub the shoe exterior. With very less effort, we need to clean the upper and lower areas of the shoe but we need to be careful about part of the seams and crevices. Then we need to rinse the shoe with clean water and wipe them dry with a clean cotton cloth.

How to Apply the Cleaning Solution to the Woodland Shoe?

Keeping in mind the seams and the crevices we need to gently scrub the stains and then apply the mixture of the cleaning solution. We need to even apply the solution to the exterior and the interior parts and rinse them thoroughly with clear water also we need to make sure that no solution residual is left on the inner and upper surfaces. Also, we need to keep in mind that excess soap can cause discolouration and make it dull over time. This proper method shows how to apply the cleaning solution to the woodland shoe.

Stains Removal from the Shoe

With rough and harsh usage over time, Woodland shoes can have sticky and rough stains on the surface and to remove that effectively, we need to prepare a specialized form of washing agent with the help of baking soda paste to the stained area and after letting it to sit for a few minutes you need to gently rub it off with the soft brush then rinse with clear water and wipe them dry. Thus, stain removal from the shoe is significant to maintain its quality and texture.

The Procedure of Proper Drying of the Shoes

Proper Drying of the Shoes

The procedure of proper drying of the shoes is an important factor to prevent the growth of mould and mildew on the part of the shoe surface. Also, we need to avoid the usage of external dryers and direct sunlight in order to preserve the shoe colour. Thus the proper method is with the use of paper towels and a clean cloth and a well-ventilated area away from sunlight can help the pair to keep dry and dust free.

Applying the Shoe Conditioner

It is very crucial to condition a highly branded shoe like the Woodland shoes. On a clean cloth, we need to pour a small amount of shoe conditioner and gently rub it on the surface by focusing on the key areas of the exterior part. Also to give a professional look to your Woodland shoe, you can simply follow any manufacturer’s guidelines especially those designed for the materials. And with the appropriate usage of the conditioner, you can retain the oil of the leather and insulate it from any damage. Thus, applying the shoe conditioner can retain the woodland shoe’s texture and surface.

Method of Waterproofing Spray

When you have completely dried your Woodland shoe, you can now apply this waterproofing spray to lock its shoe moisture and prevent it from any dust.  Before applying this spray we need to follow the rules and precautions. We need to spray it evenly on all the above portions of the shoe and rest the shoes to dry completely. Thus, the method of waterproofing is proven to be beneficial.

Storing the Shoe properly with utmost care

After drying and cleaning the shoes we need to give them proper storage to enhance their quality and their lifespan. We need to keep the shoes in a cool and dry place away from any humid climate and to maintain their shape and texture we need to stuff the shoes with paper towels and clean cotton cloth in a dry container. Thus, storing the shoe properly and with utmost care can maintain the tenure of woodland shoes.

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Therefore the question ‘How to clean woodland shoes?’ proves to be beneficial with the above methods. Cleaning the woodland shoes is a simple process that requires very few essential steps. With these necessary steps, we can easily maintain the shape, quality, and texture and prolong its life span period.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are woodland shoes made of leather?

Yes, woodland shoes are made of leather. The woodland brand uses genuine leather materials to manufacture its high-quality shoes and it also made vegan shoe products for people who don’t like animal leather.

2. Are woodland shoes heavy?

Yes, woodland shoes are heavy. Woodland shoes can never be lightweight because the material used in the process is quite tough and heavy sometimes to give the ultimate effect of stability and durability. These woodland shoes are only designed for athletic purposes for which they tend to be heavier.

3. Are woodland shoes good for trekking?

Yes, woodland shoes are good for trekking. The sole purpose of the shoe is to provide strength and high performance for purposes like trekking, hiking, mountaineering and other activities.

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