How to Clean Synthetic Leather Shoes?

About Synthetic Leather Shoes

Leather shoes have different types but among them, the most popular one is the Synthetic form of leather shoes which has become increasingly popular because of their high affordability rate and long-lasting durability. These synthetic leather shoes have varieties of stylish loafers, trendy sneakers and sturdy boots which require top-notch care and maintenance to keep them looking their best.

How to Clean Synthetic Leather Shoes

When it comes to cleaning leather shoes regularly, not only helps to conserve their appearance but also helps to expand their lifespan in the long process. In this article ‘How to clean synthetic leather shoes?’ we will discuss some consistent procedures that will help you to clean your Synthetic Leather Shoes effectively.

How to Clean Synthetic Leather Shoes?

Step 1: Necessary utilities need to be arranged before delving into the cleaning process. Given are the following items below which are commonly used in every household for cleaning Synthetic leader shoes and that also been shown to be cost-effective, they are:

  • A Delicate Scrubber or Cloth: A kind of delicate scrubber or cloth is better for removing sticky dirt and dust from the surface of the shoe and that also causes no scratches on the surface of the leather.  Never use harsh or abrasive materials that might cause your shoe damage or can lead to its loss of shines.
  • Using a Mild Detergent or Soap:  Using a mild detergent or a soap is always recommended by experts for cleaning synthetic leather shoes for household purposes. Never use harsh or chemical detergents which might strip and discolour the leather.
  • Using Mild or Warm Water: Using mild or warm water is typically used with mild solvents or detergents it creates non-abrasive cleaning solutions for removing the dirt from the synthetic leather shoes.
  • Using White Vinegar: With the use of white vinegar acts as a natural cleaning agent that effectively helps remove stains and bad odour from the surface of the shoes. This method is proven to be a safe and secure alternative to harsh solvents.
  • Using a Delicate Cloth Material or a Towel: After completing all the above steps of cleaning and rinsing, this method of using a delicate cloth material or towel is necessary to apply for wiping down the shoes.
  • Using a Synthetic leather conditioner: This ‘using a synthetic leather conditioner’ is an important procedure that helps restore moisture by keeping the material soft and supple. For better results, you can also look for a product specially designed for Synthetic Leather Shoes.

Step 2: Removing the Debris and Dirt before using the Utilities for Cleaning:  Whenever you begin cleaning your synthetic leather shoes, it’s vital to remove all the dirt and dust sticking to their surface. You can gently brush off the dust from the surface or you can especially treat it to its crevices and seams where most of the dirt gets accumulated. Thus, removing the debris and dirt before using the utilities for cleaning is always recommended.

Step 3: In this procedure, we will show you some useful and short techniques for cleaning synthetic leather shoes:-

  • For removing the strong foul odour from your shoes you can use a minimum sprinkling amount of baking soda inside them and leave it overnight or for some hours before cleaning to get better results.
  • Whenever you have any queries regarding the cleaning procedure of synthetic leather shoes, you can either check with the manufacturers or an expert’s instructions and recommendations or contact customer support.
  • Another proven method is you can keep your synthetic shoes in a cool place, away from direct sun rays, which will result in preventing any discolouration after the cleaning.

Step 4: You can also clean these shoes by dipping a delicate cloth into any soap or cleaning solution and gently scrubbing the areas in small circular motions. With this method, you can clean all the areas like the upper soles and the seams. Never use excess water that can damage your product. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust.

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Step 5: Now comes the process of rinsing it with cold water to remove any residual detergent. Prevent using any kind of heat or direct sunlight for drying because it can cause the synthetic leather to crack and drool down.

Step 6: Remaining stains need to be removed or you can use a mixture of white vinegar and water on a 1:1 ratio that acts as a natural remover. Vinegar solution with water can help in removing the stained area.

Step 7: Lastly, for the best results synthetic leather conditioner needs to be applied to keep the material soft and shining. The conditioner needs to be evenly applied on the surface of the shoe and you can also use a soft cloth to massage the leather.

Benefits of the Synthetic Leather Shoes

Benefits of the Synthetic Leather Shoes

Now before cleaning your synthetic leather shoes, read the pros and cons of these shoes to master the shoe-cleaning game.

  • Synthetic leather shoes are manufactured with real leather; therefore check the above steps before cleaning this synthetic leather.
  • Since it is a synthetic leather shoe, it is completely vegan and free of animal cruelty and is solely customized for its users.
  • The synthetic leather shoe has a water-resistant feature that acts as a significant benefit.


  • Sometimes synthetic leather lacks the factor of breathability and can potentially cause discomfort.
  • One of the major cons of synthetic leather shoes is that they fail to give the ultimate flexibility during movement.
  • Synthetic shoes are not a long-lasting product as users have reviewed that they have fallen apart with time.
  • These synthetic leather shoes are not eco-friendly and can pollute the environment.  Thus these are some of the major disadvantages of synthetic shoe products.
  • Synthetic leather is very easy to wash and maintain because it does not require any special treatments.


Henceforth, Synthetic Leather shoes are a great option because they are eco-friendly and budget friendly too. However, with a little care and maintenance the above procedures can make your shoes worthy for the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are Synthetic leather shoes breathable?

No, synthetic leather shoes are not breathable. It restricts the passage of ventilation of the air within the shoes and can disrupt and cause stress to your feet during the humid climate.

2. Are Synthetic leather shoes water-proof?

Not all the models of synthetic leather shoes have the waterproof feature. Solely this waterproof feature is depending upon the construction method of the shoe. However, when synthetic leather shoes are exposed to water for long hours, it can deteriorate the texture and the material of the product.

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