How To Avoid Shoe Bites? Complete Guide

What is a Shoe bite? Let’s discuss it.

Shoe bite is a common medical term that emerged due to the problem caused while wearing new shoes for a long time period. Generally, people face this problem when the bare skin of the feet rubs against the new shoe that they are wearing and can result in painful blisters and severe irritation. With time, these shoe bites can be uncomfortable which can lead you to hate your new shoes that you are eager to wear.

How To Avoid Shoe Bites Complete Guide

Thus, we have come up with some accurate methods and solutions to prevent the occurrence of shoe bites so that you can again love to wear your new shoes by keeping your feet comfortable and blisters-free.

Let’s talk about the following:

The Right Size and Fit

The most common cause of shoe bites is unfit sizes and irregular fittings. To ensure that your shoe fits exactly to the right size and is appropriate to your feet, make sure the shoe you’re buying has a complete space so that your feet can function and move in a flexible manner. Also, note that the width of the shoe varies widely therefore for wider feet, the shape and the size will also differ and need enough space in shoes that are built like a wider outline. Thus, the right size and fit is an essential cause to consider.

The Right Socks play a vital factor to prevent Shoe bite

Every day and ordinary socks can seriously disrupt your level of comfort when you are wearing shoes. Socks and stockings that are formulated with breathable materials like cotton and wool are especially comfortable to wear but also avoid untidy and uncleaned socks and synthetic ones to prevent the spreading of shoe bites.

Even you should ignore socks that have a thick texture as they constrict the space for ventilation of the air and feet sweat by creating a tight space in your shoe that can often lead to growing blisters and inflammation. Thus, this is why the right socks play a vital factor to prevent shoe biting.

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The Procedure of “Break-in” while wearing your new shoe

The procedure of “Break-in” while wearing your new shoe, is a process in new shoes where you can check your flexibility and other problems if it causes before wearing them for a long time period. Here, you can get to wear your shoe around your house or in a comfortable place to ensure the right mechanisms of the shoe with your feet and by doing this you get to ensure that the material of the shoe softens and the texture gets easy to fit and that result in avoiding the growth of infections.

Adding a layer of Shoe Insert

How To Avoid Shoe Bites

Adding a layer of Shoe Insert is an external section that you need to buy to avoid the growth of blisters and to provide support of easy cushioning to the ground of your sole. With this, you can ensure that your toes are comfortable, getting enough space to relax and also for movement, and it gives you a water-resistant result. Shoe Inserts that are made up of soft and good-quality materials are the best option for your feet and also act like an arch support system.

Lots of Lubrication

When you have sensible and rash-prone feet, every kind of new shoe can attract foot diseases like bites, and blisters for which you need to apply a form of transparent or medicated lubricant like petroleum jelly or you can also consult your physician so that you can apply such to those areas are prone to friction and blisters. Thus lots of lubrication will actually give you temporary relief from the pain and can also prevent shoe bites formation.

Physical Brakes are Essential

When remain on your feet for a long period without exchanging the socks and allowing proper ventilation of the sweat can cause serious foot fatal infections for which taking rest and giving some relaxation to the feet is fundamental and important. Therefore, try to remain barefooted for a few minutes and avoid wearing shoes while your feet are damp and change your socks every day for ensuring healthy feet. Hence, physical brakes are essential for avoiding shoe bites.

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We are at the end of this article ‘How to avoid shoe bites’. Here always remember to consult a physician when you have shoe bites because with prolonged periods they can painful and might lead to serious infection, therefore never ignore such problems related to your feet. By following all these above methods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can easily keep shoe blisters at bay. Also, after curing your shoe blister, never wear that infected shoe again and give some to heal the diseased area before wearing any new shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Shoe Bite dangerous?

No, a shoe bite is not dangerous but when not treated properly it can cause severe discomfort and can turn fatal. Shoe bites can cause severe irritations and harsh blisters but they are not dangerous when the injury is high it can lead to many complications. To prevent the infection, consult a medician or you can follow the preventive methods suggested in this article ‘How to avoid shoe bites?’

2. What to do when you have a shoe bite?

To heal the discomfort while having a shoe bite, you can consider using the precautions mentioned above. Or you can also wash the affected area with warm water and a dry towel and later you can use a sterile bandage to prevent the spread of infection. If you notice your shoe bite to turn fatal, do consult some medician.

3. Is shoe bite a real word?

Yes, Shoe bite is a real word. This is actually a real medical condition that causes wearing new shoes. This condition is real where the shoe causes friction when comes in touch with your bare skin which results in painful blisters and rashes.

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