How do I Check if Bata Shoes are Genuine or Fake?

Bata is such a popular brand in the footwear industry, which is loved by all men, women, and elderly people for over a century. Its premium quality, functionality and durability of shoes have formed a base of loyal customers all over the country of India. However, it has been noted that with the emergence and demands of the increasing number of original Bata shoes, the market has also been loaded with counterfeit and false pairs of Bata shoes.

How do I Check if Bata Shoes are Genuine or Fake

Thus, when buying an original Bata product there arises a question in everyone’s mind ‘How do I check if Bata shoes are genuine or fake?’, and so it is essential to determine between the original and the counterfeit shoes before approving and purchasing a new one either from the local market or the online outlets.

Various ways to check the Original Bata brand

Carefully scrutinising the labelling and the packaging

Various ways are there to check the authenticity of the original Bata brand. This is the very first step to determining the originality of the shoes. The original company of Bata have a sturdy, firm and well-designed shoe container where the genuine logo of the brand has been marked and inscribed. The original shoe container has a label characterized with information such as model number, measurement, size and the colour of the shoe product and also it contains a scanned code above the box to ensure 100% originality of this brand.

But any deviations from these details or where the information is blurred could demonstrate that the shoe products are sold from a false source. Thus, carefully scrutinising the labelling and the packaging is important.

Check from the Authorized Retailers or the original online forums

Before buying a check from an authorized retailer or online forums and stores, you can easily ensure that the customers are purchasing genuine shoe pairs. Since Bata had set up 1500 outlet stores which are authorized by the dealers globally, that guarantees that the product is original because they offer warranty and sales support options. This is a method to check if Bata shoes are genuine or fake.

Examining the Right Price

Examining the right price acts as another factor in judging genuine shoes from false ones. Bata shoes are priced accordingly to the product specifications for premium quality but when the price of the shoe seems significantly discounted or lower than the original product, then we need to assume that the product is fake. Thus, this is how the above question ‘How do I check if Bata shoes are genuine or fake’ supports this factor.

The Shoe material and quality

How do I Check if Bata Shoes are Genuine or Fake

The shoe material and quality are yet another important indications of authenticity because genuine Bata products are formulated with a good range of materials that are comfortable and long-lasting. We can also find the hem and all other stitching of the shoes are quite in a grip and no loose or hanging threads are found in the product. Also, the soles come in an anti-slippery form that provides a good grip during the wet atmosphere. Mostly, in all the inferior quality shoes, they use a cheap and low-standard material that is not only a fake product but also harmful to our feet.

The Original logo of Bata

This original logo of Bata determines the product’s genuine form and helps the buyers to distinguish it from the fake ones. Bata displays a well-defined logo where the letters are evenly spaced, and the font used in the logo shows consistency. Another thing is that, often the customers can find that the logo is marked and displayed on the surface of the sole of the shoe. In the fake and inferior products, one will find that they use a false logo but mostly there is no use of the logo in the fake shoe products.

Reviewing the customer’s opinion

To ensure the authenticity of the Bata footwear, you can verify and read the reviews about the shoe products from their original website of the Bata. Sometimes you can also take necessary help from Shoe experts who can easily identify the original and the false shoes by examining their qualities, logos and pricing structure. Therefore, reviewing the customer’s opinion before purchasing is important.

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Pros and Cons of Original Bata Footwear’s

Pros of Original Bata Footwear’s

  • The Original Brand of Bata always ensures the guaranteed quality and longevity of the shoes.
  • Usually, Bata footwear has a good resale value and is worth the money.
  • Materials used during the production of the shoes are 100% genuine.
  • They have better customer support from the brand. Therefore these are some of the genuine pros of original Bata footwear.

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Cons of Original Bata Footwear’s

  • Usually, premium shoe does not come in cost-effective manners.
  • They have a limited category of shoes, particularly of some styles and measurements.
  • Sometimes the Bata shoes can cause discomfort while they are in the break-in period. And this is one of the major cons of original Bata footwear.

Pros and Cons of Fake Original Bata Footwear

Pros of the Fake and Inferior Footwear

  • Fake and inferior footwear are available in various price ranges, which are usually affordable.
  • Sometimes the counterfeited shoes appear in the same design and texture in accordance with the original Bata products.
  • Pros of the fake and the inferior footwear have a wide range of collections in terms of style and are always available throughout the year at a discounted price.

Cons of the Fake and Inferior Footwear

  • The cons of fake and inferior footwear are that they don’t have any authorized stores.
  • Mostly, in their production of shoes, they use low and substandard materials in the making of these products which can often lead to various diseases like foot blisters and rashes.
  • They don’t have any authorized customer support and do not give any warranty on their shoe products.
  • They also don’t guarantee any safety or quality control during the production of these inferior and fake shoes.
  • Also, there could be legal consequences in buying and selling any counterfeited shoes because it is considered an illegal activity. So, these are the major cons of fake and inferior footwear.

We are at the end of this article and thus we conclude with the note that before purchasing the Bata Shoe products, we need to carefully examine the details stated above. Hence, by following these steps we can easily determine and identify the fake shoes without forfeiting our money by making these purchases furthermore to verify the prices, we need to confirm it from the original retail stores and seek the necessary expert’s opinion. Thus, these precautions can help us to buy a genuine pair of Bata shoes without comprising their quality and durability.

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