How did the Brand Puma Get its Name?

About The footwear brand Puma

A renowned German brand name for athletes and sports personalities globally. Few people were aware of the name of this brand but in the year of 1948, it became a household name that has been recorded to have a fascinating history of becoming the world’s largest sports brand of all time. The Puma is built with premium quality materials and also serves other clothing, apparel and accessories. Thus, from this article, we will discuss the fascinating history of Puma and gain some knowledge on how the brand Puma got its name.

How the brand Puma get its name

A fascinating tale of this sports brand Puma

In 1948, Rudolf Dassler founded a start-up of sports shoes which he called “Ruda” at that moment. Soon this former name of the brand changed into the new name called “Puma” after the South African feline. Another fascinating fact is that Rudolf Dassler is the brother of Adi Dassler who also built a famous sportswear company popularly known as Adidas. Therefore Rudolf Dassler created the brand Puma in order to act as a major competitor in the sportswear industry and also to beat the brand Adidas. This is how the brand Puma gets its name and a fascinating tale.

Inspiration of Rudolf Dassler behind the name of Puma

The inspiration of Rudolf Dassler behind the name Puma had a huge ambition with wild animals and while setting up his shoe brand, he aimed to put it in the name of a powerful animal to attract more appealing customers. Along with this striking name itself, he installed some powerful features in the shoes with sleek and agile designs with embodied qualities.  The name “Puma” is associated with the emblem and attributes of speed and strength that is a crucial requirement in the industry of sports.

The spread of recognition of the Puma brand

This brand always had a strong vision that includes some innovative and iconic products like the “Puma Atom”, first built with screw-in studs and the leather boot called the “Puma King” created a new fan base for the company as a new forefront of sports technology. The brand Puma was always competitive in the industry among the other sports brands and always developed its products according to its customer’s criteria and preferences.

And with more years it continued innovating its products by expanding its large clothing and sportswear accessories and also collaborating with popular designers and sportspersons, athletes, and celebrities to promote its brand and create unique variations among its collections of shoes and apparel. This acted as the spread of recognition of the Puma brand and this is how the brand Puma get its name.

The Brand of Puma emerged as a new popular culture

The brand of Puma emerged as a new popular culture because they built the first light-weight sports and running shoes for athletes known as ‘Puma Atom’ which helped the brand to reach its early success. Over the years, Puma was not just named the sports shoe brand but also acknowledged by popular athletes, artists, celebrities and designers to expand its realm into fashion and pop culture. Puma is also named the urban cool as it impacted the rappers from the hip-hop culture during the 1980s and 1990s.

Puma’s Logo Evolution

The original logo of this brand undergoes many changes and got updated every consecutive year till 1980. The new symbol of Puma got updated to give a design element and a form strip that runs down from the sides of the Puma footwear and apparel and was created to enhance its stability. Soon the logo transformed into a signature insignia of the brand’s aesthetic design. Also, the Puma logo’s evolution is associated with incredible speed and agility like that of a big mountain lion and thus a perfect choice of logo created for this sportswear brand.

The Colour and Font used by the Puma Logo

This brand experimented with a lot of colours numerous times but the official logo remains in the colour of black. Puma chose a black icon for the official colour because they wanted to display a simple and effective symbol that is also associated with the attributes of strength and power. The colour and font used by the Puma logo is a sans serif typeface, initiated in block letters with a bold weight. The logo is solid with rounded edges for a linear alignment to display the sleek curves of the Puma logo.

The Meaning of the New Puma Logo

This brand aims to highlight the strength, agility and grace of the jaguar, a big wild cat to showcase the inner strength and abilities of athletes and sports personalities. Thus, Puma represents sporting prowess for a perfect sportswear brand. The Puma logo was designed by ‘Lutz Backes’ to develop the features of an animal’s agility. Thus, the meaning of the new Puma logo represents the sporting prowess of a perfect sportswear brand. Thus, this is how the brand of Puma gets its name.

The Sustainability Endeavours by Puma

Puma emerged as a sustainable brand globally in the footwear industry because it uses recycled materials and biodegradable production and packaging and reduced the impact on nature. For many years, this is how the brand Puma gets its name by initiating to expand its products and other accessories offerings. The sustainability endeavours by Puma are to reduce the waste of carbon emissions and carbon prints. Also, it is serving to the objective of responsible sourcing practices.

Conclusion (How did Puma get its name?)

Therefore this is how the brand Puma gets its name and is also reigning in the sports industry by formulating a powerful name. The aim that arrives from Puma shows the prowess of the brand and its collaboration with athletes and other sportspersons to showcase their speed, agility and strength. The name Puma is quite appropriate for the brand of sports because it is synonymous with quality, innovation and style to thrive in pop culture and to inspire enthusiastic athletes all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are Puma Shoes Made in India?

Yes, Puma Shoes are manufactured in India. The brand Puma has launched a large manufacturing network in India’s footwear industry. Also, the athletic sports shoes of Puma are in high demand in India’s market.

2. Are Puma Shoes good for running?

Yes, Puma shoes are good for running. Puma manufactures shoes in terms of high quality, cushioning, durability and support according to individual’s preferences and needs. For training and sports activities Puma shoes are really good.

3. Are Puma shoes durable?

Yes, Puma shoes are durable. The brand Puma always constructs its shoes with premium branded products that serve to be reliable and durable in the long run. Also, Puma proves to be a committed brand to its customers and creates shoes in terms of their essentials.

4. Where did the name Puma come from?

Puma was named after ‘Rudolf Dassler’ and is also considered to be a German company. The brand Puma was launched as a competitor brand in the market compared to the brand Adidas by creating a competitive pricing structure.

5. Where does the word Puma come from?

The word Puma comes from the name of a ferocious mountain lion. The name of this brand Puma symbolizes to give agility, grace, speed and power associated with this animal. Also, the motto of the Puma Brand was to deliver high-performance athletic sportswear.

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