Can women wear men’s running shoes?

Yes, women can definitely wear men’s running shoes and thus proving the title ‘Can women wear men’s running shoes?’ is appropriate. Women tend to wear men’s clothes like shirts and t-shirts and also often style them and wear them when they get together too. It’s because they find more comfortable clothes in the men’s section. Do you wonder if it’s true for shoes as well? Sometimes women cannot find the right pair in their section and wonder if they can look in the men’s section. Further, another reason is when they are looking for durable pairs and unusual ones of their own.

Can women wear men's running shoes

Let’s find out whether women can wear men’s shoes in this article ‘Can women wear men’s running shoes?’

How does men’s and women’s running shoe differ?

  • The design of the running women’s shoe is different from the men’s shoe because of the different foot anatomy. The women have wider forefoot width than men and men have larger heels and ankles.
  • The q angle is an angle of incidence that also plays a role in distinguishing women’s running shoes from men’s running shoes.
  • Women’s shoes have narrower heels than men’s running shoes. 
  • On average, women have 15% fewer muscles than men therefore the midsoles used in the shoes are different from each other. Thus, these above points prove how men’s and women’s running shoes differ.

Advantages of Men’s Running Shoes

  • Men’s running shoe includes cushioning structure for the ultimate goal of protection while restricting the stress upon the joints.
  • Men always experience better in running shoes because these shoes have elements like heels and arch support.
  • Men’s running shoes are light in weight like clouds to enhance their speed and agility.
  • The gripping structure of the men’s running shoes is tight and stiff to prevent the risk of falling and slipping off.


  • Men’s running shoes are always quite available in premium ranges that might not be cost-effective every time.
  • These shoes mostly lack durability and longevity.
  • These men’s running shoes are only for athletic purposes and don’t give any fashionable approach.
  • Men’s running shoes don’t have any optimal measurement for everyone therefore before purchasing one needs to try it to make it a worthy purchase.

How to choose the right fit of shoes for running?

There are certain things to keep in mind when searching for running shoes. You should be aware of the shoes are tight or loose. If they are tight they may cause shoe bites and if they are wide or loose they may cause you to fall. The perfect fit will not cause an impact or harm on your ankles, feet and knees. Further, running shoes must be comfortable as you use them on a daily basis. The poor fit may even cause injuries and wounds. That’s the reason why you should always consider the right pair of shoes which fits you. 

Can women wear men’s running shoes?

The difference between women’s running shoes and men’s running shoes discussed above may have cleared you that there are certain differences between their feet and overall foot anatomy. A woman before considering wearing men’s running shoes should recall the difference and if the feet fit the men’s running shoe then she may give it a try. However, It could be difficult to find the right pair and one must only consider the pair of shoes which is most comfortable for you while running.

So, if men’s shoes fit women’s feet she can consider wearing them. Men’s running shoes are wider, less expensive, and more durable which makes them more appealing to women. There are also unisex running shoes available in the market which is suitable for both genders proving the above title ‘Can women wear men’s running shoes?’  to be too appropriate.

Advantages of Women’s Running Shoes

  • Women’s running shoes are wide in range, often constructed with premium materials to ensure stress reduction on their joints and knees.
  • Women’s running has a characteristic of breathability and proper air ventilation system to prevent any discomfort.
  • Women’s running shoes are light in weight,  allowing them to give a more enhanced and effective performance.


  • Women’s running is not recommended to give a fashionable outlook.
  • They can be costly when bought from premium global brands.
  • Also, these women’s running lacks the versatile fashion approach.


In the end, choosing running shoes by any gender is a personal choice. There is no harm in wearing men’s shoes until and unless it provides you with a poor fit. Men’s running shoes are more durable than women’s running shoes. The one advantage that women running shoes have is that they have a variety of categories and designs available in the market while men’s running shoe models do not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  Can a man wear women’s running shoes?

Definitely, yes. A man can always wear women’s running shoes. This is because all running shoes are made for the purpose of unisex; which means they can be used by both the genders of men and women. Also oftentimes women’s running shoes offer better shoe models that are mostly recommended to men for some specific athletic purpose and also the designs and the patterns attract the men to choose women’s running shoes.

2. Is it bad for a woman to wear men’s running shoes?

No. It is definitely not bad for women to wear men’s running shoes because sometimes men’s running offer accurate measurements to the feet of the women by allowing flexible movement and also act as a great comfortable shoe with enhanced stability.

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