Can we gift shoes to someone?

Choosing a gift for your loved one is an exciting and tedious task at the same time. When you choose gifts you make a list of things that you love. Then you go through the list and think about what is the thing from the list that is going to make them happy (loved ones). You also consider different scenarios and gifts according to the person to whom you are gifting.

Can we gift shoes to someone

If you are gifting to a family member for instance your mother you may think of a gold chain to gift. If you are planning to gift your colleague you may think of a set of ties or watches. If you are giving a gift to a friend then you may think about his or her passion and give something which relates to it. Right? Thus, in this article, we will get to know if can we gift shoes to someone.

Are gifting shoes considered significant?

Yes, shoes are always considered to be a significant gift because some people consider shoes more than just fashion accompaniments which act as by serving a purpose in our everyday lives. Shoes are such an essential component that not only offers style and unique fashion but also displays the utility of the user. Thus, a shoe always acts to make a bold fashion statement that can often boost one’s confidence and creates a good impression.

Therefore, shoes are necessary attire and make them more functional when you are gifting it to someone and that will be always appreciated by the user. Thus, it proves the query ‘Are gifting shoes considered significant?’

Are there any superstitions when it comes to giving a pair of shoes as a gift?

There are many superstitions related to gifts. Some people find the Taj Mahal showpiece as a symbol of love, while others think that it is bad luck. Some people consider perfume to be a gift while others think that perfume will bring bad luck and fade away the relationship between the giver and receiver just like the fragrance of the perfume. Similar superstitions are also attached to shoes.

Some people believe that gifting shoes to your loved one will result in bad luck while others consider it as a nice gift to give. Therefore this factor proves the question ‘Are there any superstitions when it comes to giving a pair of shoes as a gift?’

Why do people give or gift shoes?

Nowadays, many youngsters are engaged in outdoor activities like running, sports, jogging, fitness and travel. These activities required a good pair of shoes that provide comfort and durability while being stylish. Sometimes one cannot purchase those shoes as they are expensive so their friends or family members gift them the shoes. Another reason could be the passion for shoes among youngsters.

You may have seen a collection of shoes from your favourite player or actor. The same passion continues in youngsters too. So gifting them a pair of shoes which will increase their collection would be a great idea. This is why people give or gift shoes.

How can gifting shoes be more personalised and customized according to the liking of the recipient?

Yes, that is very possible. Personalisation is often considered to be a creative option while gifting shoes to other recipients. Therefore there are some available brands that offer unique personalized benefits such as the option of choosing colours and other detailing on the shoes. You can even customize these events according to the choice of the recipient so that your shoe gifting becomes more special to the user. Thus, these gifting shoes be more personalised and customized according to the liking of the recipient.

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To whom I can gift shoes?

There are plenty of activities for which you can consider gifting shoes to your friend or loved one. You can gift shoes to a dancer, as they need them while practicing. You can gift shoes to a friend who is concerned about fitness; he can use them in the gym. You can gift shoes to a friend who likes running or jogging. And of course, you can gift shoes to a friend who is in sports.

Let’s discuss the brands you can consider while gifting a shoe:

  • If you want to gift athletic shoes, you can consider the following brands Nike, Puma and Adidas.
  • If you are gifting casual shoes then you can consider the brands of New Balance, Sketchers, Bata, Liberty and Khadim.
  • When you are gifting designing shoes, you can purchase from the brands of Hush Puppies, Metro shoes, Bata and Timberland.

Etiquette of Shoe gifting

Etiquette of Shoe gifting

Yes, there is some etiquette for shoe gifting. Shoe gifting is always considered to be a sweet gesture however, in some traditional societies and cultures, gifting shoes are considered to be an evil symbol as it brought bad luck to the people. Thus, before gifting shoes, ask the recipient about their other religious customs so that you can avoid any kind of involuntary offence. Thus, this is a factor that can be considered etiquette of shoe gifting

Can we gift shoes to someone? (Summary)

Well, the topic of the article ‘Can we gift shoes to someone?’ is a little controversial as it depends on the preference of the individual. However, today’s youth is not a prisoner of superstitions as their ancestors have been. They follow the facts and act accordingly. If there is no scientific explanation regarding “gifting shoes brings bad luck” then they might not follow it and give the shoes to their loved ones.

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