Are Bata Shoes Only Good for Men?

About The Shoe Brand “Bata”

Bata is a brand developed in the footwear industry during the year 1894. This footwear brand has a high market value in country India and they are selling this product in this country for about more than eight decades and have a strong customer-based reputation throughout the world.

Are Bata Shoes Only Good for Men

When Bata took their retailers and stores to the online podium, there has been a debate and controversy since then about the suitability of the Bata shoes for all genders or only for the category of men. Therefore, in this very essay, we will delve into the matter of controversy and the arguments stated by many of the buyers that “Are Bata shoes only good for men?” let’s discuss it.

Why this Debate?

Some notable customers of Bata reviewed their shoe products and said that these shoes are particularly designed only for men to meet the needs of certain occasions. It has been seen that the Bata Company has been making shoes to choose from the occasions like formal and casual wear and also for some sports activities or training sessions. The shoes for men are available in a variety of measurements and styles, making them quite approachable for men to find their perfect fit and pair.

Also, it is to be noted that in India, the prices of Bata products are much more reasonable when compared to the other brands and thus this brand stands out at different price points,  making it an affordable purchase for every customer. This is the sole reason why there is a debate regarding the matter that Bata shoes are only designed for the purpose of the male gender.

How the Shoe Debate of Bata Started among the Two Genders?

To know how the shoe debate of Bata started among the two genders and the argumentation, we need to go back in time to about a century when the company just got established on a worldwide basis. It was also seen that this brand is associated with the Indian market for over eight decades with over 1500 stores set up all over the country in every region. However, Bata usually focuses on the specific footwear of men because since that time the male force was seen to have a strong presence in Indian society and the goods and the products were created according to the requirement of men and their purposes of work and occasions.

But with the movement of time and the change in society, it is notable that Bata is developing footwear for the sections of females according to their needs and stylus approach and by this, they are trying to put an end to this storming debate of footwear regarding both genders.

How Bata Shoes are compared between Men and the Woman?


Though there are no substantial indications and cues in the quality, design and texture of the Bata shoe products that are designed for men and women. Bata has become such a versatile brand that it is producing footwear for both the category of genders from pure quality materials and these shoes are meant to provide comfort and durability in the long run.  Also, Bata is developing shoes in the category of youngsters and children to keep their daily lifestyle to be active and flexible.

The stores of Bata are so customized that it makes the task of choosing the right pair easy for parents by showcasing shoes from various sizes, styles and vibrant colours. Therefore, these are some of the general pros of how Bata shoes are compared among men and women.

About the Pricing Structure of the Bata Shoes for Men and Women

Sometimes the pricing structure of the Bata shoes for men and women can vary depending on the genders of the buyers and the specific model of the shoe required. Though it offers a wide variety of shoes for both men and women, ranging accordingly to the budget of the customers. Among the basic and simple styles of Bata Shoes, it includes sneakers, sandals and other dress shoes, starting from the basic range of 2000 to 5000 INR.

But when the shoe comes with a premium and high-end style, the range might go up from around 7000 to 15,000 INR which includes the shoes like designer sneakers, leather boots and other premium shoes.

Cons of Bata Shoes

It produces a slight con in the styles of the footwear. It can be seen that the way of making and approaching the shoes of men and women is different which creates a sense of disparity between the two genders. Often it is seen that the shoe products of men are produced in a more masculine way and women’s footwear is given a feminine touch, however, this does not mean it is compromising the quality of the product. Thus, these ate some of the major cons of Bata Shoes.

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Bata Shoes Are Becoming Suitable for Both Men and Women

Bata is a reputable brand who is designing its shoes according to the requirements of both men and women. The shoes are known for their impeccable quality and longevity.  From the arrival of the new products, it is seen that Bata has been equipped with special features with the use of technology to provide shoes that have the highest standard of quality and also ensure that it prevents any growth of foot diseases.

Are Bata Shoes Only Good for Men? (Conclusion)

Lastly, the rise of this argument regarding this shoe that they are only good for men is not really valid because the company has improved a lot with the changes in society by making a difference and producing high-ranking products for both men and women with the use of materials and modern technology to meet their standards and requirements. This is how Bata shoes are becoming suitable for both men and women and henceforth, these Bata shoes are suitable and accessible to everyone irrespective of age and gender.

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